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Working from home, week 2

6 Dec

Today begins my second week of working from my living room. Sitting on the floor, in this small room, with no one to talk to. I will no doubt go insane. I will try my best to document it as the week progresses, although I might mistake the computer for a dog or something. Fucking hell. Mental.com.

Gonna just…fuck off and melt snow?!


Working from home

2 Dec

Due to the heavy snowfall, I’ve been instructed to work from home until further notice. I hope this isn’t code for “you’re sacked, we just can’t be arsed telling you”. I;m sure it’s not….

Anyway, working from home. It is quite fantastic! You know, I just roll out of bed, go through to my living room, still in my pyjamas, bring through my duvet, turn on my laptop, and BOOM! That’s me at work. A 50 minute commute reduced to a 5 minute saunter. I’ve saved £37.10 on train fares to and from Larbert, not to mention money for lunch, coffees, buses etc etc. I’ve not been stressed out about getting to the train station on time, or freaking out about some bint using my cubicle. All in all, working from home has been great.

There is a dark side to working from home too though. It’s not all fun and games! (Ok, 90% of it is).

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