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The fun we have in the office

17 Nov

BeardBandit threw a chocolate eclair off me, really hard. It has left a wee bruise on my delicate, soft flesh. How did I retaliate? I grabbed his lunch, took his apple, and rubbed my armpit all over it.

Take that BeardBandit. Don’t mess with The Frary.


The worst Christmas present idea

10 Nov

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl this year. I have handed in all my assignments on time, I’ve made my bed everyday, and I’ve kept my room tidy. I’ve told my parents I love them regularly, and I’ve been there for my friends in hard times. I have raised ¬£960 for charity, and have promoted several good causes. I have been very good this year, and I feel I deserve a great present as a reward. Can you please bring me a mock tribunal? It would mean the world to me, and I promise that I will be even better behaved in 2011 if you grant me this wish.

Thank you very much,



(You’ll have to click on the picture to understand this. Kusher was confused, so put this in to clarify. Poor Kusher)

Oh toilets!

28 Oct

I’ve reverted back to cubicle 2nd from the left. All has been forgiven, we are back to being BMFL. Of course, the return to a blossoming relationship is always great, and brings¬† a smile to my face, but sadly, this rekindled friendship has come with a cost. Anxiety.

That’s right, the dredded, stressful walk to the toilets has returned. When I was rebounding with cubicle far right, it didn’t stress me out. I’d just dillydally my way to the toielts, footloose and carefree. I wouldn’t even be thinking about whether or not some other chick is in my cubicle. Who cares!! Let love be and all that. But now that I’ve gone back to my old hang out, wooft! Stress-a-rama.

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Terrible, terrible human being

28 Oct

I am a terrible human being.

Walking along the corridor back to office after visiting my beautiful cubicle. Walked past the disabled toilet. There was a sign saying “Out of Order” on it. I immediately had the urge to write “like their legs” underneath it. What an awful, awful person I am.

Yeah, I’ll see you in hell.

Back to life, back to reality

27 Oct

Eerste Hulp! So aye, back from Amsterdam. It was a riot. I’m not too sure about how much stays in Amsterdam, so I’ll just say that we fully embraced the culture. Even saw a real life windmill. I walked past a prostitute singing Vanilla Ice- that was actually the highlight of my life. I had an amazing time, so thanks ladz!

4 days away is exactly what I needed. 4 days not worrying about day job, or bar job. Bliss!! But now I’m back. It’s Wednesday, and I still have 56 hours to work. Eerste hulp ladz, eerste hulp.

Roll on 5.30pm

19 Oct

I cannot wait to get home today. Tonight is the first night where I don’t have anything planned in god knows how long. No gigs to attend, no gigs to work, no pictures to pose for, no pals to meet for dinner, no binge drinking needing done. I could not be any happier.

I think I’ve had about 35 hours sleep in the past 8 nights, averaging at 4.375 hours per night. Yep, that sounds about right. I am going to go home, tidy my room, make a big fuckoff pot of pasta, watch The Inbetweeners on 4oD and go to bed at 9.30pm. I will not arise until 7.30am at the earliest. 10 whole hours of sleep. 10.

I am going to savour every single minute of it, because when Wednesday kicks off, I’ll probably be back to 4.375 hours of sleep per night.

Thank fuck for coffee.

On the far right

15 Oct

Cubicle on the far right, you are now Judy’s Toilet of Choice. The lighting was just right. Not too dark (like cubicle far left), or too light (2 in from left). The perfect ambiance.

2 in from the left-you’re dead to me.