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Oh, I forgot!

15 Feb

I forgot to add- we banged three times. I could barely walk after.


Mr Romantic

15 Feb

So, how did my amazing music video go down? MEGAWELL! Slappz absolutely loved it! He thought it was the best thing ever (which it is). He’s even made my fake doll child the background on his phone. That’s how much he loves it. Woohooo!!

We had an absolutely fantastic day. He pulled out ALL the stops. All of them. First thing he gave me was a dvd of Poltergeist 2. I know, not the most romantic gift, but wait till you hear the story behind it!

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Slappy’s Music Video

14 Feb

I decided to mime this video because my singing was terrible. Happy Valentine’s Day Slappybaby. I love you!


Vanilla’s Valentine

13 Feb

I saw this card, and instantly thought of you, Vanilla. xxx

<3 Valentine's Day! <3

13 Feb

Man alive, I am MEGA excited about Valentine’s day!! Last year I spent the day having lunch with my mum, then had a hot date with Mr Megabus. Needless to say, it was a bit shite. But this year; this year should be amazing!

I’ve been doing my nut with this amazing music video for Slappybabes. I showed it to my parents and my sister. They all agreed it made me come across as a fucking psycho girlfriend. Perfect! That was the look I was going for. I can’t wait for him to see it πŸ˜€ Don’t worry, it’ll be posted on the blog for all to see! I’ve also got him non-crazygirlfriend presents and have a wee surprise for him (a positive pregnancy test- ssssh!) so you know, it’s all good.

But I am most excited about Mr McSlapperson’s present for me! I haven’t a clue what it is. He text me saying he was busy making one of my presents. One of. One of!! That means he’s at least got me two!! So a baby and an engagement ring! πŸ˜€ Yay!! He’s also got the whole day planned out, but wont tell me anything. Oh man alive! I am so mega excited!!