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NOW will you tweet me back Vanilla?!

7 Dec

Look at all the fucking effort I’ve put in!! SEND US A TWEET!!


Lyrics can be found here.


Trend Setter

3 Dec
Judy Frary trendsetter

Judy Frary trendsetter

I was actually tweeting about my pal’s band, The John Knox Sex Club, who were listed as number 36 on Vic Galloway’s 75 albums of 2010, but you know, some people’s minds are just stuck in the gutter!


19 Nov

Typical!! My boy Vanilla seems to be following the same routine as many of  Judy’s men- Compeltely dingying me!!

I will not stand for this any longer!! I am taking the initiative and demanding a tweet reply. I have spent a good amount of time dedicated to this man, buying his merchandise, learning his lyrics, and spreading the good name of Vanilla Ice. I’ve done my best to bring back his street cred. I demand a tweet reply! A simple “Word to your mother” will suffice. Come on Vanilla it’s not that hard!

My pal John Skelton managed to get the entire world to believe that Jef Goldblum was dead with one simple tweet. All I’m trying to do is get a simple 140 character or less message from my hero. Is that too much to ask?!

Help a sista out. If you’re on twitter, ask my boy Vanilla (@vanillaice) to tweet me back (@judyfrary). I’ve even got a hashtag on the go #tweetjudybackvanilla because I am that much of a loser.

COME ON VANILLA! #tweetjudybackvanilla !!!!!