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I <3 ScotRail

22 Nov

Man, I never thought I’d see the day, but I have fallen in love with ScotRail.

Judy Frary loves ScotRail

Judy Frary loves ScotRail

They have been like my knight in shining armour recently. Especially today. Today I thought I was going to have an absolute mare. I thought I was going to miss the 08:48 service from Glasgow Queen Street to Dunblane. I was waiting in queue for my large americano from Starbucks, and I could see the clock ticking by.

I placed my order at 08:43. There are several people waiting in front of me. I begin to get nervous.

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Public Transport!!

12 Oct

Recently, public transport has been good to me. I’ve conquered the buses, and the trains seem to be running to schedule. It’s been relatively stress free.

Until today. Today was an absolute mare of a morning. Absolute mare.

I run like the wind from my flat to Alexandra Parade station to catch the 08:23 train to Queen Street. I arrive just as the train is pulling away. Literally just as the doors have closed, and the train is departing the platform. No problem, I think. I still have 25 minutes before the 08:48 train from Queen Street to Larbert. Now that I’ve mastered the bus, I can get the bus in, it’ll only take 10 mins. I’ll still have plenty of time.

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23 Sep

Just when I thought ScotRail were redeeming themselves by running trains on time, they go and royally fuck up once again.

They cancelled the 08:23 train from Alexandra Parade to Queen Street today, so you know what I had to do?! I had to walk to Queen Street. Walk. In the fucking rain!! The rain!!!!!!!

Fuck YOU ScotRail!! What time did I arrive at Queen Street? 08:48 exactly. Was the 08:48 train to Dunblane still there? Was it fuck. It wasn’t even just pulling away from the station. It had offski-ed long ago. Fucking out of there like a bullet.

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ScotRail are just full of disappointment

15 Sep

I joined the Advance Loyalty Club today, since I am a frequent user. I thought this would entitle me to super cheap discount tickets- score!

But no. NO. From what I can tell, they’re just gonna send me regular updates about ScotRail. I don’t want your shitey spam mail!! All I want from you is trains running to schedule, and cheap tickets!! Give me some cheap tickets!!

They said they will give me offers etc every so often, but I bet this is for one off journeys, not a daily commute.

I swear, ScotRail are bastards. If I get hunnerz of spam, I will cry. CRY.

I missed the train

14 Sep

But it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Ever. Do you know why?

Because I bumped into the man I’ve been in love with for FOUR YEARS!! And he gave me a hug AND a kiss. On the lips. Man, I have never been soooooooo happy! I was just like a giggly schoolgirl all over again.

Oh Barman, I still love you.

The miracle continues

8 Sep

The 08:48 train from Glasgow Queen Street to Dunblane left the station on time, and arrived in Larbert early. I arrived in Larbert at 09:17, giving me a whole extra minute to walk to the office. I think ScotRail must be reading my blogs, and taking note!

Everything’s finally coming up Frary!!