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Mama I’m a Questionnaire

8 Mar

(That was a incredibly poor reference to “Millionnaire” by Kelis and Andre 3000)

The current person you like, how long have you been interested in them?
Oh, I always thought he was a hottie, so from mid October? But became proper PROPER interested after that wonderful bangfest on 29th November. Mmmm.
Remember the first time you kissed the last person you kissed?
No. Not in the slightest.

Does it take a lot to make you cry?
Well, kinda these days. I used to be a Weepy Willow, but now I’m a bit of a hard ass.



25 Jan

Last night, I had the Ladz round for a wee dinner party. Aren’t we classy? No, no we’re not. We’re a fucking riot!

Shotting Aftershock, vodka, peach schnapps, baileys, wine, anything. Jeez. We were all fine, then BOOM! Wrecked.

So, thanks for putting up with us all Shetterz, you’re a star :D. Oh also, Slappy met the Ladz. They loved him.

I feel like ass.

1. Are you in a relationship?    Yes! Faceyb official and everything.

2. What shoes are you wearing?    Oh, I’m not. God, I am the most assed ever.

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Drunk Survey

12 Jan

Me and Shetterz had a dinner party tonight. That resulted in me having too much wine and not enough food. I am drunk. EVERYBODY IN MY BED GETTING TIPSY! That’s just me.

17 was the first proper relationship. He was such a dick though. Blergh! Basically, I went out with him cos he was the first guy to properly show me any interest. Urgh. Looking back, I was so unhappy with him. God. Drunken Judy is an HONEST Judy

I’m going to do a survey

21 Dec

Because, you know, I don’t share enough.

When was the last time you shaved your legs?
This morning. I’m not as smooth as Santana

What were you doing this morning at 8?
Shaving my legs! Aren’t you in for a treat Slappy

What were you doing 15 minutes ago?
Work. I wrote an article, and thought, you know what. I’m gonna have a break. Here I am, rambling away.

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I am ill

12 Nov

Man alive, I feel horrendous! Out of nowhere, a full on cold erupted into my system yesterday lunch time. I am blaming Mr Brewhaha and his loveliness. Urgh!! I am so ill!

Last night behind the bar, I could barely move let alone shake my money maker to my boy Flo Rida. Today I am too ill to go into the office, so I am camped up in the living room, wrapped up in my duvet, big mug of lemsip, bowl of spaghetti bolognase, a roll of toilet paper to blow my nose and feeling extremely sorry for myself. I think its time to start wearing clothes and wrapping up warm. Boohoohoo!!

Here’s an ill survey, maybe this’ll cheer me up.


8. Have you ever dated someone twice?
Nah, when you’re an ex, you’re an ex till the end

7. Have you ever been cheated on?
Oh probably, who cares!

6. Have you ever bought condoms?
Yes! Better to be safe than sorry yo
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11 Oct

Aye, so this survey has been labelled “The UNCOMFORTABLE Survey”, capitlization and everything. I’m excited.

1. Longest real relationship?
11 months to the day. How romantic

2. Shortest relationship?
God like…a week. You know, one of those shitey ones you have when you’re 13 and don’t actually speak to the person at all. They’re the best. I wish they would come back into fashion, like the 80s.

3. How many bf/gfs have told you they love you?
4. Go me.
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Tired Survey

24 Sep

Say the first thing that pops in your head in only three words. Can you do it?

1. Feeling right now?
mega assed aye

2. School
done with that

3. MTV
never plays music

4. Weather outside
typical Scottish crap

5. Housework
assed with that

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