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21 Mar


I haven’t pooped this entire weekend. What is wrong with me?!

I really, REALLY needed to have one yesterday, but I spent the entire day at Slappy’s (have I told you about Slappy? I’m sure I’ve mentioned him somewhere in the blog…) and I can’t have a poopie in my boyfriend’s flat! That’s atrocious!

I mean, what if it doesn’t flush!! What the fuck would I do?! I can’t just leave it sitting there, like you do in public toilets. I’d have to make it vanish. Obvz I would try the ole stuff hunnerz o toilet papper in and flush like crazy technique, but if that was to no avail, then what? Then what?!

I remember reading a story in Mizz (mind that mag?) about this bird who was like “aye, pooped in my boyf’s house, but it didn’t flush, so I picked the poo up and threw it out the window. But it landed on the roof of the conservatory where everyone was having dinner”. Mare and a half. I don’t think I would try that method for many, many reasons. Mainly, I don’t want to pick up a poo. Could I actually bring myself to pick up my own feces and throw it out the window? Oh god no. I would feel so…disgusting. And if Slappy found out? That’d be the end of it for sure. I mean, I wouldn’t want to go out with a poo flinger. Gadz no!

So, I’ve just kept it in. Kept it tucked inside my booty, safe and snug. I’m at work now, drinking a large coffee, so it’s only a matter of time before I let it all out. But yeah, having a poopie at your boyf’s is strictly off the agenda for this cat. I will just suffer instead.


Wedding Chat

10 Mar

This is terrible. One of the galz in the office’s sister is getting married, so this morning it’s been hunnerz of wedding chat. Hunnerz!

She keeps complaining about how unorganised it is, and how nothing’s been done, and its all a bit hectic and last minute. She said there is no way her wedding would be like that, it would be organised to the tee.

So of course, that’s set me off! Now I’m sat here thinking about what my wedding would be like. Who to invite, where the ceremony will take place.  I mean, the weddings not till June 2014, but there’s still so much to think about.  Continue reading

Job Stress

26 Feb

So, unlike in Larbert, there is only one toilet cubicle. It’s like a toilet under the stairs type thing. So the whole hassle of going to the toilet is much less stress free. Hurrah!

But there is something else which is causing me unbelievale amounts of stress. My computer mouse.

It has six buttons. Six. SIX! What on earth do you need six buttons for?! Well, obvz: right click, left click. Then the scroll button, then there’s two side buttons- one for going back a page and one for going forward. That’s five. Five useful buttons.

But number six? For the life of me I can’t work it out. I’ve searched on Google and everything. Google has failed me. I don’t have a fucking clue what button six does, and it is the bane of my whole existance. I hate it. I hate you mouse.

It’s a Dell. I can’t find a good picture. It makes me want to cry.

I <3 ScotRail

22 Nov

Man, I never thought I’d see the day, but I have fallen in love with ScotRail.

Judy Frary loves ScotRail

Judy Frary loves ScotRail

They have been like my knight in shining armour recently. Especially today. Today I thought I was going to have an absolute mare. I thought I was going to miss the 08:48 service from Glasgow Queen Street to Dunblane. I was waiting in queue for my large americano from Starbucks, and I could see the clock ticking by.

I placed my order at 08:43. There are several people waiting in front of me. I begin to get nervous.

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Man Update

7 Nov

I apologise for not keeping you more informed of Judy’s Quest For A Man. Please forgive me.

Right, where were we? Oh yes, last Friday’s date with Mr Brewhaha. Well, yeah it went quite well!! Met him for a few bevs and a chat. He really is a lovely guy. Just chatted about life and general shite etc. My bessie mate Wreckage was up for the weekend, so I met him for a few bevs beforehand. By the time I met Mr Brewhaha, I had several pints and a few shots of sambuca, so the date is a bit hazy! But yes. It was good. Had a wee snog at the end, high five. Since the date, we’ve been on the old text, and I’ve stopped off at Brewhaha for some chats. He is lovely. So yes, its all going well there, I think.

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What a mare

7 Nov

Today, I had an absolute mare of a day. Everything that happened was a total URGH FUCK RIGHT OFF!! moment. The most unimpressed I had been in a long while.

After working Friday club, and getting 5 hours sleep, I had to wake up quite early to go to the post office and pick up my package, which I think is my Vanilla necklace. I get completely lost on the way, it’s raining quite heavily and I am soaked. I arrive at the post office with 10 mins to spare before they close. I am in a terrible mood. Tired, soaked and even more tired. The prospect of getting my Vanilla necklace is keeping me going. They don’t have it. I have to return at a later date. My heart and hopes sink. I venture back into the storm to make my way into town.

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Oh toilets!

28 Oct

I’ve reverted back to cubicle 2nd from the left. All has been forgiven, we are back to being BMFL. Of course, the return to a blossoming relationship is always great, and brings  a smile to my face, but sadly, this rekindled friendship has come with a cost. Anxiety.

That’s right, the dredded, stressful walk to the toilets has returned. When I was rebounding with cubicle far right, it didn’t stress me out. I’d just dillydally my way to the toielts, footloose and carefree. I wouldn’t even be thinking about whether or not some other chick is in my cubicle. Who cares!! Let love be and all that. But now that I’ve gone back to my old hang out, wooft! Stress-a-rama.

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