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15 Dec

My pal and I played a game a while ago, where we made playlists on Spotify. 5 songs to describe terrible sexual experiences. That was a fun day.

Today, I’ve decided to do the same, because I finished ALL my work early. What a star. The first playlist is describing my current activity, whilst the second is describing terrible, terrible experiences.

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An hour of uninterrupted music

9 Sep

No Stinky Sophie.

No Mark.

No patrionising voiceover woman.

£4.99 well spent.

I’m a terrible person

9 Sep

I was just making myself a wee cup of tea at work, and reached for the new milk. Robert Wiseman’s one pint semi skimmed carton. They’ve got new drawings on them. Here they are:

Drawn by some girl, aged 14. My immediate reaction?

“14?! What the fuck?! These are fucking terrible!! I was drawing better than that when I was 7!!”

Then I looked at the rest of the label. It was for some Autism charity. The artist has autism.

I just had a massive rant about an autistic girl.

I’m sorry!


9 Sep

I’m in the worst mood now. Fucking Spotify. I’ve given them £4.99 per month for pissing me off. What the hell am I thinking?!

Ok, I do use Spotify every day, so no adverts does sound good. But fuck sake. Fucking Spotify!

I bet this is how they make ALL their money. Keep playing shite adverts until your customers get so pissed off that they just give you money. WTF?!

I used to be able to handle it, their adverts never used to annoy me this much. But then they took out the stupid Mark and Sophie ones. Smelly Sophie with her alchoholic ma, and Mark the wee ned. It’s because of these children that I am down £4.99 a month.

Congratulations Sophie and Mark. Not only do your parents dislike you, now I hate you too.

Spotify Adverts

9 Sep

Fuck OFF! I’ve had enough of listening to you guilt tripping me about Mark who’s a binge drinker, or Sophie who smells and ma doesn’t love her. I’ve had enough of your stupid Nandos adverts about Brazillians.

What happened to the catchy cocaine adverts?! You don’t know what you’re getting with cocaine, click the Spotify advert to find out the facts.

You’ve resorted me to this. Stupid advertising. I’ve now BOUGHT Spotify Unlimited. No more stupid guilt tripping adverts. I want to listen to Kate Bush without feeling bad for Little Sophie and Little Mark.

I am soooo unimpressed with you Spotify. I hope you realise that I hate you.

I hate you.