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Seriously, you are pathetic!

6 Mar

I decided I miss him too much already, and have changed my profile picture to one of us together.

What’s even sadder, is that it’s the same profile picture he has. So not only do I have one of us together, but the McSlappersons have MATHCING profile pictures.

Right, seriously love. Get a life.


Seven Day Plan

6 Mar

So since that boyfriend of mine is leaving me high and dry, I need a plan of what to do, to fill the void, the gaping hole in my life during his seven day abscence.

The plan is: GET A LIFE!!

I mean seriously, how pathetic am I!! It’s only seven days!!! And I’m working for 6 of them!! So like, I wont have time to miss him, I’ll be too busy working and sleeping. Jeezo Judy, don’t become that person. Just because Slappybabes is away, doesn’t mean your life has to stop. Sure, Slappy is your world, but you know, you can have a life outside of him. Go out for a walk! Smell the roses! See your pals! GET A LIFE!

Jeezo Judy. You are pathetic.

Slappy is leaving me

6 Mar

That’s right. You read that correctly. Slappy has decided to pack up his bags and is leaving me. On our Two Monthaversary, he is ditching me. For one whole week. 😦 He is off on tour with his band in Slovakia and Czech Republic, and is leaving me to my own devices. For one whole week. Seven days. Seven long days I am going to go without seeing my beautiful boyfriend.

What on earth am I going to do?! I know,  I know. Seven days isn’t really a long time. But when you see someone every day, and share a bed with them 4 days of the week, seven days is a long time.

Seven days!!! I am going to go insane!! Shetterz- be on hand with multiple packs of tissues, cos I am going to be a sad little puppy for a while.