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Answers to your search term questions

7 Jan

The following questions have been asked in the search terms:

  • judy frary blog care for a shlong between your tittaaayyyyssssss?

I’m good at the moment. Maybe later? Have you trimmed though? Not having a hairy shlong between my tittaaayyyyssssss.

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More search term fun

7 Jan

More and more people are being disappointed. People are still being directed to this shite after looking for Hannah Tointon. People are also being directed here after search for bushy pubes, hairy bikini line, hsaved pubic hair etc. Sorry!

But a lot of you are still finding my lovely blog with your ingenious search terms. Keep em coming. A personal fave: “judy frary horse humping dildomuncher face”

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“Judy Frary is hot as fuck and likes my tall friend”

26 Nov

So, this search term has been used 3 times…I guess someone is trying to send me a message. Are you trying to use my blog to hook me up with your tall friend? Who is your tall friend? Is he hot? Who are you?!

These search terms are by far the most intriging part of my day.

Shortie- reveal yourself and your tall friend!!


(oh, and thanks for the compliment 😀 )

“Judy Frary is hot as fuck”

23 Nov

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaah!! About time someone searched something complimentary! I don’t even care if this one was meant as a joke, couldn’t give a fuck mate. Yeeeeeee-ha!!

Whoever searched for that, I hope you are a hot boy. If you are-let’s bang. You’ve made my LIFE.

Judy Frary is hot as fuck

Judy Frary is hot as fuck

I’m going to turn a blind eye to “mentally unstable judy frary” because-let’s face it- it’s true.

I really hope this is a joke

23 Nov

I really, truly hope that after reading “Judy Frary cunt faced bitch”, people are just googling offensive terms after my name to wind me up. I hope that is the case, and there’s not pure hunnerz of people out there with a bone to pick and a knife to stab with me.

I really, really hope none of you actually think of me as a “whore faced mongoloid”, or a “horse faced dyke”. I would cry my poor wee eyes out!

judy frary search terms

judy frary search terms

Having said that, if it turns out someone really does have a problem with me and truly believes I am a “cum guzzling gutterslut”, you just wait till I find you mate! You just wait.

“Judy Frary cunt faced bitch”

27 Oct

As you can see from the above picture, two people have used the search term “judy frary cunt faced bitch” to find my blog. Cheers!

Who the fuck googled that?! If anything, I’m a bum faced bitch. Get your anatomy right, you twat.

I’m actually raging!! And “who’s next”?! What the fuck is that all about?! You’re next pal, you’re next. Next on Judy’s Stab List. Aye, fuck off.

Cunt faced bitch… fuck you!!!!