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I <3 ScotRail

22 Nov

Man, I never thought I’d see the day, but I have fallen in love with ScotRail.

Judy Frary loves ScotRail

Judy Frary loves ScotRail

They have been like my knight in shining armour recently. Especially today. Today I thought I was going to have an absolute mare. I thought I was going to miss the 08:48 service from Glasgow Queen Street to Dunblane. I was waiting in queue for my large americano from Starbucks, and I could see the clock ticking by.

I placed my order at 08:43. There are several people waiting in front of me. I begin to get nervous.

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23 Sep

Just when I thought ScotRail were redeeming themselves by running trains on time, they go and royally fuck up once again.

They cancelled the 08:23 train from Alexandra Parade to Queen Street today, so you know what I had to do?! I had to walk to Queen Street. Walk. In the fucking rain!! The rain!!!!!!!

Fuck YOU ScotRail!! What time did I arrive at Queen Street? 08:48 exactly. Was the 08:48 train to Dunblane still there? Was it fuck. It wasn’t even just pulling away from the station. It had offski-ed long ago. Fucking out of there like a bullet.

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