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Man Update

7 Nov

I apologise for not keeping you more informed of Judy’s Quest For A Man. Please forgive me.

Right, where were we? Oh yes, last Friday’s date with Mr Brewhaha. Well, yeah it went quite well!! Met him for a few bevs and a chat. He really is a lovely guy. Just chatted about life and general shite etc. My bessie mate Wreckage was up for the weekend, so I met him for a few bevs beforehand. By the time I met Mr Brewhaha, I had several pints and a few shots of sambuca, so the date is a bit hazy! But yes. It was good. Had a wee snog at the end, high five. Since the date, we’ve been on the old text, and I’ve stopped off at Brewhaha for some chats. He is lovely. So yes, its all going well there, I think.

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The Apprentice Drinking Game

4 Nov

There is no chance on earth that I am pregnant after last night. Myself and my very good friend Mr Night Out decided to play The Apprentice Drinking Game last night. In the space of an hour, we each drank a bottle of wine, a double vodka lemonade and the best part of a beer. Needless to say, by the time Lord Sugar uttered those famous words “You’re Fired” we were annihilated. Oh dear.

Mr Night Out went as passed out for a bit, so Barony ended up coming over for a wee snog. I can vaugely remember him being there, the wee scamp. He left, and then I passed out. Passing out FTW.


Girlfriend got a second date!

18 Oct

Ayyyye! Check me out!

Last night, I was working, quite possibly, the worst gig ever. The MOBOs Tour. Think of how crap Lady Souvereign is. Multiply that by 100, and chuck in shite customers. Aye, that’s the MOBOs Tour. I had had 4 hours sleep, and had just spent £70 in Primark (bought the entire shop), so was in the worst mood possible. Out of the blue, that babe Barony text me, seeing if I fancied a bev. Eh, aye! A bev is exactly what I needed. And with Barony? Ooft, even better!

So we went for a wee bev and a chat. God, he is so great. Not only is he such a babe, but he’s just a great guy. Quite a bit in common, and yeah. He’s great. He’s also told me he reads my blog, so feel a bit weird writing this! Hey babe! He said we should meet up again soon. Going to see his band play on Wednesday, like a wee groupie. Maybe a cheeky snog?

Looks like Judy’s Quest For A Man is getting interesting again!

Oh my dear god

8 Oct


Myself and Popsickle went to go see Barony;s gig last night. HE SHUSHED ME! I actually love him. He’s such a rockstar.

But man ALIVE he has some bad advice!! He told me about thsi beer, “Delerium Tremens” and how he had to pitns of it and was a disgrace. i thought he was exaggerating.  WAS HE FUCK!! That beer is more lethal than my punch!!! One bottle of it. One. How drunk did it make me?! HORRENDOUSLY! Oh my ghod

I have to go to work!!!! I have to fucking GO to work!!!!! I was a complete disaaster.

In other news, Popsickle and I are compelte sceney scenesters. We bought like…TEN THOUSAND Cds last ngiht. SCENEY SCENES. Fucking hell. Assssed!

Oh mygod!!! This beer!! Lethal!1 I;M ORKING ABC TONGIHT TOO Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckaduck!!

But aye, Two Zebras?! Well goood! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I feel like a celebrity!

5 Oct

Man alive, I’ve got an actual, proper person fan! Someone who loves my blog but isn’t my friend in real life, or even on Facebook! I’m a fucking rock star!!

I went onto “On The Blog”‘s Facebook fan page (you should join), and saw a name in the fan list that wasn’t one of my pals. Of course I had to go have a wee stalk. Not only has she posted a link about my blog on her wall for all her pals to see (saying “This girl is hilarious”), she has also asked one of our mutual pals if he actually knew me. I feel like Britney Spears, pre mental breakdown.

This is so bizaare! (Bizzare? Bizarre?!) I might start wearing sunglasses all the time, and making outrageous diva-like demands.

“I want ten Mars Bars, but with half the caramel removed and placed on the outside!”

DuffyBaby, I love you.

He’s a proper rockstar!

23 Sep

Aye, so Barony’s song is gonna be played on the radio tonight! Not just any station, Radio 1! Oh aye!! Go him eh! !

Check me, snogging rock stars.  I’m one step away from being in Heat Magazine.

12.30ish (as in, midnight), Radio One.


20 Sep

Barony is a lovely guy. And a mega hottie. Haven’t had a second date with him yet, but speak to him pretty much daily on Faceyb or the ole text, so I think we’ll get one on the go soon, hopefully. But aye, he’s just lovely. Although, I did say that about English, and he turned out to be a wank, so nae too sure.

I’ve been listening to his band quite a bit today (sorry 8 Mile). Not my usual taste, but aye, nice wee happy song, makes me smile. Have a wee listen. And check out his MySpace. Dreamboat

I hope he becomes famous, so I can be all “Yeah, dated a rock star”, and I can be in Heat Magazine.