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Stupid toilet bint

22 Nov

I am in an actual, proper full-on rage. I’m seething. Seething.

I went to the toilet, walking along the corridor with a spring in my step. For once I’m not stressing about anyone being in my cubicle, just skipping along all happy go lucky. I push open the door to the toilets, and to my utter delight, I see that my cubicle is vacant. Hurrah! All is right with the world!

I daunder over to cubicle second from the left, big ole grin on my face, ready to do my business. Push open to cubicle door and stop dead in my tracks. My heart sinks, and my glee turns to mortified horror. I physically feel sick at the sight.

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19 Nov

Typical!! My boy Vanilla seems to be following the same routine as many of  Judy’s men- Compeltely dingying me!!

I will not stand for this any longer!! I am taking the initiative and demanding a tweet reply. I have spent a good amount of time dedicated to this man, buying his merchandise, learning his lyrics, and spreading the good name of Vanilla Ice. I’ve done my best to bring back his street cred. I demand a tweet reply! A simple “Word to your mother” will suffice. Come on Vanilla it’s not that hard!

My pal John Skelton managed to get the entire world to believe that Jef Goldblum was dead with one simple tweet. All I’m trying to do is get a simple 140 character or less message from my hero. Is that too much to ask?!

Help a sista out. If you’re on twitter, ask my boy Vanilla (@vanillaice) to tweet me back (@judyfrary). I’ve even got a hashtag on the go #tweetjudybackvanilla because I am that much of a loser.

COME ON VANILLA! #tweetjudybackvanilla !!!!!

“Judy Frary cunt faced bitch”

27 Oct

As you can see from the above picture, two people have used the search term “judy frary cunt faced bitch” to find my blog. Cheers!

Who the fuck googled that?! If anything, I’m a bum faced bitch. Get your anatomy right, you twat.

I’m actually raging!! And “who’s next”?! What the fuck is that all about?! You’re next pal, you’re next. Next on Judy’s Stab List. Aye, fuck off.

Cunt faced bitch… fuck you!!!!

Facebook Name Rage

13 Oct

In order to communicate my obsession with Vanilla Ice to the world, I’ve been trying to change my name on Facebook to Vanilla Frary. Not only would my entire friends list truly understand how much I love Vanilla Ice, but I would look cool as fuck.

But oh no! Facebook will not allow this to happen. Vanilla apparently is not an acceptable first name. But it’s ok for Vanilla Martin in Sydney, Australia to have Vanilla as their first name? What’s that all about Facebook?! Huh?! Tell me!

It’s also perfectly acceptable for three of my pals to change their names to : Bridget McBattlebaps, Foofi McWank Patter and Shauncey McVomvom. Yeah, cos those are everyday names. I’m sure schools are just full of kids with those names, wee Foofi and Shauncey running around the playground, looked after by Miss McBattlebaps. This is such an outrage!!! I mean, McWank is pretty much a swear word, at the very least an offensive word! Stupid Foofi McWank Patter is allowed to have profanity in his name, and I’m not allowed to have the lovely Vanilla as a name?!

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