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Thank You Mother Nature!!!!

8 Nov

Blob central, so NO BABY!!! Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!! No giving birth to a wee Polar Bear with massive arms anytime soon. Whoop whoop!!!!! I’m so happy!

See you in a couple of years Magnus, you will DEFFZ be getting a bike!



7 Nov

Sang to the tune of “Monster” by The Automatic

Had sex last night with HunkyArms
With HunkyArms, With HunkyArms
Thought to myself “what’s the harm?”
What’s the harm, what’s the harm?!

Woke up with a sore tummy
Sore tummy, Sore tummy
Maybe its just a hangover
Feel crummy, feel crummy
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3 Nov

Man, I well can’t be assed being pregnant. Took the morning after pill 35 hours after the bangfest, so hopefully should be ok. But you know, its not 100% effective, and let’s face it- it’s me. I’m gonna be pregnant. Urgh! Now just gotta play the waiting game. Come on menstruation, don’t be a dick.

God, it would be just my luck to be a Preggy Peggy eh. Have the worst luck dating men, find a semi decent one, take all the necessary safety measures and STILL end up preggers. Yeah, that sounds like something life would do to me. Cheers!!

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