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Lonely this weekend

10 Mar

To the tune of “Lonely This Christmas” by Mud

Try to imagine
A bed that’s really cold
Try to imagine
Lying in it all alone
That’s where I’ll be
Since you left me
No snuggles, no one to hold
What can I do without you?
I got no one, no one to bone

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Turn My Shag On

20 Oct

I apologise in advance to my parents for the profaniy in this song. What can I say, I love a good parody.

Sang to the tune of “Turn My Swag On” By Souja Boy Tell’em

Judy Frary, tell em

Hopped into the bed
Turned my shag on
Took a look at my lover, said
Wake up, wake up, wake up
I’m well horny
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7 Days

9 Oct

Went to Brewhaha on Monday
Blogged about him on Tuesday
Comments from his flatmate on Wednesday
Sent him a message on Thursday,
He replied on Friday.

Eat your heart out Craig David. My week was well more interesting, all you did was make love. You probably were crap and exhausted by Saturday, that’s why you had to chill on Sunday.

So now eh, time to reply I guess! Well, it’s 5.08am, I’ve just finished work. I can reply in the morning/afternoon.

Happy Birthday Rugby!

30 Sep

Happy Birthday Rugby
Especially to your hunk arms
Hope you got lots of presents,
Money, jewels and charms.

Today you’ve turned 22:
A proper adult,
A proper man.
Let’s go binge drinking to celebrate
Couple sambucas, tequilas and pints
Sounds like a plan!

Happy Birthday babe,
You big massive hunk
Hope the day is amazing
And you get a girl to touch your junk


My biggest fan

4 Sep

My blog’s biggest fan

Is quite the man:

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2 Sep

Sitting at my desk,

Doing excellent work

Find the page I’m looking for,

I give a little smirk.

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An Ode to Wikipedia

1 Sep

Oh Wikipedia,

You beautiful online encyclopedia.

Without you in my life

It would be filled with trouble and strife.

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