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7 Jan

What the hell?! 2011 is deffz bringing out a new Judy Frary. I am wearing TROUSERS!! WHAT THE FUCK!! I never wear trousers. It’s hot pants, hot pants, hot pants!! Hot pants are the most amazing thing ever invented- even Ke$ha sings about them. Hot pants in the office, hot pants in the bar, hot pants in the street, hot pants when I go to eat.

But no. Here’s me being all sensible and wearing trousers. Baggy trousers at that. Trousers that don’t even cling to my thighs and make me look naked. I’m not even wearing a slutty low cut top to make up for it. I’m wearing a hoodie!!!

Guys, what the fuck is happening to me? What happened to the skankily dressed, binge drinking, man eater?! When did I become some sensible trouser wearing, diet coke drinking, one man at a time chick?

If this is what 2011 is going to do to me, I QUIT!! You hear me, 2011, I QUIT!


Grey hair

30 Sep

Today, I pulled out 4 grey hairs from my head. 4 singular, silver, shiny strands of curly hair from my head. I am actually about to cry.

I’ve been trying so hard to recapture my youth- kissing young boys, working behind a bar, mid week drinking sessions, going to TFI at the Union, listening to songs from my teens, using MySpace. For what?! Absolutely nothing! It appears no matter what you do, you cannot escape this thing called aging.

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Growing Old

4 Sep

It’s official. I am getting old.

Since Marketer cancelled AGAIN last night, I met up with some of TM to watch the football and have after work drinks. That’s my life now. Head to the pub, have a couple of quiet drinks, and be in bed by midnight. It makes me sad thinking about it.

That’s our youth gone. Just like that. Soon as you graduate, get a 9-5 job, it’s like BOOM! Adult. None of this downing pints, doing shot after shot after shot. Just nice, civilized drinks. And you know what? It was nice!

This is a definate sign of the times changing. We’ve even all arranged to meet up reguarly for dinner, and a few drinks. Just a few.