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9 Sep

I’ve done it. I’ve packed up.



I’m actually going to cry

9 Sep

I forgot about all the kitchen stuff I have. Plates, cups, glasses. I don;t have any paper/bubble wrap. Oh my god. I am going to scream.


9 Sep

Yeah, STILL packing up my room. Am currently taking down all my photos. It’s actually brining some tears to my eyes.

That’s it innit. Just like that, one part of your life is finished. This bedroom has got sooooooo many memories, and now that’s all come to an end. All the photos of me and my palz oot our nut in the Union. Never gonna have that again. Never. Ladz!! Why does it all have to be over šŸ˜¦ Why can’t we stay young, drunk and riotous for ever? We can’t be those loser adults in the Union. We have to be…real!

Looking at one of the photos of me and the girlsĀ  mentioned in the Friendships post. How things have changed.

It’s definately time to move on. But Bedroom, we’ve had some great times. I’ll always love you.

Fuck OFF Packing!!!!

6 Sep

I had a brainwave of putting all my heavy stuff, like textbooks and that, in my big suitcase with wheels. It’s got wheels, it’ll be easier.

Just remembered we’re moving to a 5th story flat. With no lift.

Time to repack that one bag that was done.


PackingĀ cont.

6 Sep

It’s all just fucking paper!!! Fucking….PAPER!!!


6 Sep

Packing shouldn’t be this fucking hard!! Fuck off, fuck right off!!!!!

How on earth did I manage to accumulate so much crap?! It actually makes me want to cry. Why the hell do I have just….junk?! Its of no use to me! I keep finding random pieces of crap that I havent seen since school. Why am I keeping this?! All it does is bring em stress and misery at trying to movie!! Whhyyyy!!!

Take my advice. Never move. NEVER

One Week Left

3 Sep

In one week I will be getting the keys to my new crib, leaving Pandapops behind and moving in with Shetterz. The end of an era has arrived.

Things I’m gonna miss about living with Pandapops:

  • Her racist rants
  • Her microwave meals
  • The bass from her speakers
  • Her angry rants
  • Her endless amount of parcels
  • Everything else

God, I’m really, really gonna miss living with Pandycakes. 4 years!! 4 years of pleasure šŸ˜¦

Bye Panda!! I hope Shetterz is able to handle living with me! šŸ˜€