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Job Stress

26 Feb

So, unlike in Larbert, there is only one toilet cubicle. It’s like a toilet under the stairs type thing. So the whole hassle of going to the toilet is much less stress free. Hurrah!

But there is something else which is causing me unbelievale amounts of stress. My computer mouse.

It has six buttons. Six. SIX! What on earth do you need six buttons for?! Well, obvz: right click, left click. Then the scroll button, then there’s two side buttons- one for going back a page and one for going forward. That’s five. Five useful buttons.

But number six? For the life of me I can’t work it out. I’ve searched on Google and everything. Google has failed me. I don’t have a fucking clue what button six does, and it is the bane of my whole existance. I hate it. I hate you mouse.

It’s a Dell. I can’t find a good picture. It makes me want to cry.