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Money Saving!

19 Dec

Since I blew ALL my £2000 odd earning last month, I am back to scimping and saving. This weekend I discovered the most amazing thing that will save me money.

I can fit into children’s clothes.

I bought myself a tshirt from Primark, aged 9-10. You know what? It’s a little big. A little big. And it only cost me £1.50!! This is by far the best news of the day!! Children’s clothes aren’t charged VAT, so Judy Frary is gonna look stylish on the cheap!

Thank you childhood obesity. Thank you.



9 Dec

That, my dear friends, is exactly how much money I had going into my account in November. £2,130.55. Fucking hell. November was a fucking GREAT month!I’m not meaning to brag, or show off like LOOK HOW MUCH MONEY I HAVE!, I’ve jsut never seen this amount of money before!

How much did I spend? £2,118.55.  What the fuck?! How did I spend so much money?! I’ll tell you how- internet shopping!! Internet shopping is the best and worst thing ever invented. It’s great because you don’t have to deal with other shoppers, walking slowly down the aisles, taking their time picking up hotpants that are too small, and annoying me to the end of the earth. Internet shopping…aaaah!! No other shite shoppers in my way, just me, the net and paypal, my best pal. But yeah, internet shopping is soooo easy to spend all your money. It just doesn’t seem real eh? Like, oh, I’ll jsut spend £12 on a necklace, I’ll just buy this £30 tshirt. Because the cash isn’t in your hand, don’t give it a second thought. Oh well.

So now, after a month of splurging, I have an entirely new wardrobe, a couple of Christmas presents, and have had a jolly good time going out with my pals, socialising and buying them all drinks. It’s back to Sainsbury’s basics, shopping in the reduced aisle and scamming drinks off of boys.

Aaah money, how I’ll miss you!!

Money makes the world go around

23 Nov

Mind in my post Money! I was telling you all about how I’m gonna be minted this month? Well its true. Thanks to my tax rebate, and working a ridiculous amount of hours at the bar job (only supposed to do 10 a week, end up doingf 25-30), I have had over £2,000 coming into my account this month. £2,000. This is the most money I have ever earnt in a month ever ever ever. For all I know, it could be the most I’ll ever earn in a month ever, although I really hope it’s not.

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3 Nov

Today, I am as happy as Larry. Judy Frary is going to be rich! Well, rich-ish. I’ll still have to shop at Primark, but now I can upgrade from Tesco Value to Tesco Standard. Moving up in the world!

I received a letter from the tax man telling me I am due a whopping £421 from them. Cheers!! Bar job should be paying me roughly £200 from this weekend, and day job is due to pay me £1000ish. Yaaaaaaaas!!!

I’m going to go on a massive spending spree!! Twelve pairs of hotpants, fifty five pairs of tights, 12 million pairs of pants, 65 thousand pairs of shoes and one million gallion shots of vodka!!!

I’m gonna get my Vanilla Ice tattoo, get it removed, and then get it re-done. Just because I can.

People who say money can’t make you happy have obviously never been skint. Of course money can make you happy!! Look how happy I am! For all I know, I’m knocked up with a wee Polar Bear baby because of that incident, but who the fuck cares! I have money!!  Money can and does make people happy. It does solve problems.

Of course, after paying several bills, savings, taxes, and the like, I’ll be skint within a few days. But for those 50ish hours, I will be c0nstantly smiling!

Oh, assed!!

13 Oct

October is going to be an absolute bitch!

This week: 55 hours, 7 days.

Next week: 45 hours, Monday- Friday
Go to Amsterdam on Saturday, come back Tuesday night.

Remainder of the week: 21 hours at day job. Halloween weekend, so am guessing 10-25  hours at bar job, Sat and Sun nights. Possibly Friday night.

Week after: 45 hours. Monday to Saturday.

Apart from my 4 days in Amsterdam, I’ll be working everyday until the 7th November. See you LATER life.
Just think of the money, think of the money.

On the plus side, SUM 41 ARE PLAYING ON HALLOWEEN!!!!!! Fingers crossed I’ll be in the right bar!!!!

Did I actually just buy that?!

8 Oct

Why the fuck did I just buy that tshirt?! It cost £25!!! £25 on a fucking tshirt?! What the actual fuck Judy?! I spent £15 on CDS last night too!! £15!! CDs!! Who the fuck buys CDs?!?!

What the actual fuck am I doing?! I just got paid from bar job today, and my pay has been spent on 2 and a half CDs and a t-shirt. Granted the CDs are excellent, as is the t-shirt. But man alive!! £25 for a fucking tshirt?! My entire outfit today cost me £25!!!!!!! One t-shirt!! One!!

I am absolutely terrible at saving money! I can barely make rent and bills this month, and here I am spending £25 on a fucking tshirt. It doesn’t even have sleeves!!!

£25 to look like a fucking bell-end. Money well spent there Judy, you fucking idiot.

Pardon my language.