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Mars Bar Disappointment

7 Oct

Mars Bar,what have you done to me?! I just had my morning Mars Bar, and I’ve been left with a disgusting after taste in my mouth. It tastes like I’ve been eating plastic or something. It’s as though I have actually eaten the wrapper.

How could you do this to me Mars?! This is disgusting, I’m physically gagging in the office. I have to go eat something else to get rid of this horrendous taste in my mouth. I feel so let down and cheated by you Mars. How could you betray me this way?

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Stupid Social Media!!

30 Sep

Stupid social media! Just do what I want you to do!! Why is it so hard t ohave my blog psots automatically sent to Facebook?! WHY!

This stress has caused me to have a Mars Bar.  My fourth Mars Bar of the day. Fourth. What the actual fuck. I well need to hit the gym soon! Stupid social media!!!!

I feel sick

29 Sep

I might vom. No more Mars bars for me today.

Well…maybe in an hour

Sums it up

29 Sep

Mars Bars

29 Sep

In the past 3 days, I’ve eaten 6 Mars Bars. I absolutely LOVE Mars Bars. I never used to be too fussed about them, but now…I’m in love.

I had a craving for a Mars just now at work, so I walked to the shops to get myself one. I ended up buying 5. Five Mars Bars. In the time I’ve taken to write this blog, I’ve already eaten one. It was my third of the day. Three Mars Bars, One day. True love.

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