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Slappy times

24 Jan

Aye, fuck what he says! I’m blogging about Slappy McSlapperson till I die. Or he dumps me.

So yeah, things are going rather well. We’ve now been an official item for 2 weeks and one day. Oooh er!! And during this, we’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time together. Let me see, in the 15 days of being bf/gf, we’ve spent….8 nights together, and some time during the day at work and that. Jeezo. That’s more than half. MORE THAN HALF!! Check us out!

Not only have we spent like…all our time together, but get this. He’s got his own toothbrush at my flat. His very own toothbrush, sat in the holder next to mine. Woah. Woah a rama. How great is that?! We are deffz getting married within the month.

Yesterday he met the Skype Slutz (minus Popsickle), and tonight he’s meeting some of the Ladz. I’ve already met his best mate, and me and his brother are total bmfl (I think I love him). We’re basically married. Judy McSlapperson, got a nice ring to it.

You know I’m always like, get WELL into a guy, but he doesn’t really like me back. Well, not this time. Slappy well likes me. For once, the feeling is mutual 😀 Yaaay!!

Guys, I’m so happy 😀


Boys born in 1992

27 Sep

This weekend was a riot.

On Friday, I returned to the Union for TFI and caused a riot. I snogged a fresher, who has now added me on Facebook, and text me telling me he missed me. Oh Judy.

I went along to the rowing club’s fresher tasting session, and fell in love with ALL the first year men. I did not snog any, jsut groped the fuck out of them. Oh Judy, Judy, Judy.

I’m meant to be on a MAN hunt, not a child hunt!

1 month on

21 Sep

My blog is a month old! Whoop whoop!!! Thank you for reading it 🙂

So where am I in the man hunt? Well, not far. Things with Barony going fine, nothing new to report since yesterday. At the moment, he’s my fave. I think the ship has sailed with Marketer,  English is a wank, I’m still convinced Guetta’s gay, and TrainCreep is a creep. Have I mentioned any other men? I don’t think I have. Oh! Rugby! Mmmmmm I still love Rugby, and his arms. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

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I missed the train

14 Sep

But it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Ever. Do you know why?

Because I bumped into the man I’ve been in love with for FOUR YEARS!! And he gave me a hug AND a kiss. On the lips. Man, I have never been soooooooo happy! I was just like a giggly schoolgirl all over again.

Oh Barman, I still love you.

It’s a Miracle!

8 Sep

Barony DIDN’T cancel! What a turn up for the books!!! And even more importantly, it wasn’t awkward in the slightest. He did slag off my friends for being complete drunken idiots at TFI, but hey, we are!

So yes, date went very well. Hopefully see him again. But not on a Thursday- don’t wanna risk that just yet!

If you crossed your fingers for me, thanks!


6 Sep

So, does anyone have any advice on how to not fall head over heels in love with a man the minute I kiss him?! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I’ll give anything a bash, apart from kissing ugly men. I’ve had enough of kissing uggos over the years, ask my friends.

Maybe it’s not all bad…

1 Sep

Ok, so English might have ditched me out of the blue (seriously, it was going well, then BAM! gone!), and TrainCharmer turned out to be TrainCreeper, but maybe there is hope after all.

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