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Ke$ha Tattoo

29 Dec

Forget what I told you in that post. I’m getting a Ke$ha tattoo.

Just a small one. But yep. It’s getting done.

Just need to decide what. A K? A $? KE$HA?



<3 Ke$ha <3

29 Dec

So, in my last post I talked about how I am an obsessive person. Here is the perfect example. Ke$ha.

I LOVE Ke$ha. She is the best thing I’ve heard in the entire world ever. I want to have her babies and be her best pal for ever and ever and ever. I’ve been going MENTAL with the whole Ke$ha crush.

Today, I’ve done my nut. Know how she sings on that Taio Cruz song, “Dirty Picture”? She sings: Send the dirty picture to me, send the dirty picture. So I did just that. I tweeted her this:

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