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Dressing up

14 Jan

I love wearing hotpants. Absolutely love it. Any weather, any situation- I’ll be wearing hotpants. They are just so versatile.

But you know what I love doing more? Getting ridiculously overdressed for things. Chucking on a ballgown, just to class it up a notch. Don’t you just feel….dandy in a ballgown?

For my final exam, I dolled up to the nines! You know, finishing uni, so will finish in style! This is what I wore:

Don’t I look so classy!! I went to 4 hours of that class, and did about 2 days revision. The result? 63%. I am thanking my lucky ballgown for that. I encourage all of you to doll up for your exams. Classy folks never fail!

On Wednesday, I was going to go to the cinema with Slappy (you know, my boyfriend 😀 😀 😀 :D). And you know what makes a cinema trip better? Dressing up!

Waiting in line, munching on some popcorn, and looking classy as fuck? Yeah, it’s just great! Sadly, the cinema was too busy, so I never got to dazzle and class it up 😦 But, even though I was looking forward to seeing the film, I couldn’t stay upset for long. Because I was in a ballgown.

I think I’m going to start wearing ballgowns more often. Maybe shove in a tiara or so every now and then. I encourage you to dress up to the nines whenever possible. You’ll feel MUCH better!


Order is restored

7 Jan

Mid-morning-mid-life crisis is well and truly over. Am just about to go to bar job. In hot pants. PHEW!!!

Also wearing thigh high socks to compensate for this morning’s frumpiness.

Screw you old life, Judy Frary is gonna stay young and skankily clad for EVZ


7 Jan

What the hell?! 2011 is deffz bringing out a new Judy Frary. I am wearing TROUSERS!! WHAT THE FUCK!! I never wear trousers. It’s hot pants, hot pants, hot pants!! Hot pants are the most amazing thing ever invented- even Ke$ha sings about them. Hot pants in the office, hot pants in the bar, hot pants in the street, hot pants when I go to eat.

But no. Here’s me being all sensible and wearing trousers. Baggy trousers at that. Trousers that don’t even cling to my thighs and make me look naked. I’m not even wearing a slutty low cut top to make up for it. I’m wearing a hoodie!!!

Guys, what the fuck is happening to me? What happened to the skankily dressed, binge drinking, man eater?! When did I become some sensible trouser wearing, diet coke drinking, one man at a time chick?

If this is what 2011 is going to do to me, I QUIT!! You hear me, 2011, I QUIT!

Hotpants at work

13 Sep

That’s right. I’m wearing hotpants to work. Fuck the police!

Things I love

26 Aug




Being Naked

Drunk Texting




I also love Hotpants

26 Aug

Hotpants are by far the best thing ever created. Better than all the medicines in the world PUT TOGETHER! Who needs a cure for aids, when you have hotpants?!

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