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I am not an agony aunt!

22 Nov

For some reason, I seem to give off the impression that I am some sort of agony aunt. In the past month, at least 10 of my friends have told me all their problems, and burdened me with all of their troubles. Now, I don’t wanna sound like a dick or a bad friend. If you have a problem, I will happily listen to you and try to give you some helpful advice. I am there for my friends, and will try and help them as best I can. I honestly don’t mind, and am happy to help you out.

But man alive!! I’m starting to feel like Jeremy Kyle! Problem after problem after problem. The thing is, I have terrible advice. God awful advice. Listening- I’m great at that.  You can talk to me for hours about your hang ups and hassles, that’s no problem. But when you ask me for my opinion?

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That’s my boy!

12 Nov

My very good pal Hazza P is now a published journalist. I could not be any happier for him!! Congratulations doll! Go do us a favour, and get my blog featured. The Irish will love it!!

Read his magnificant article on page 5.

Shite friends

5 Nov

I am in an absolute terrible mood today. Absolutely raging/pissed off/ unimpressed.com to tha maxx. You know what’s really pissing me off? Shite people. People who are meant to be your friend, but you know, only when it’s convenient for them. They pick and choose when they wanna be your friend. No fucking consistency.

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8 Sep

Isn’t it sad when you get to the point in a friendship where you just realise that you aren’t friends anymore? They’re no longer there for you, you’re just some person to them. It’s quite upsetting.

I’ve been feeling its been happening to me quite a bit recently, and I’m quite upset about it. Theres a group of galz I used to be really, really close with. But now, nothing. However, they are still really close, its just me that’s kind of drifted away. I’m not really too sure how it happened. They just started spending more time together, and I guess, it just naturally happened. I’m always the one to make an effort with them though- if ALL of us meet up, then it’s usually because I’ve organised it. One girl in particular never seems to make the effort with me at all. We used to be very close, I’d tell her everything. But now… Now I’m lucky if I get a text that isn’t just asking me a favour.

I guess these things just happen. It’s still sad when it does.


21 Aug

Aye, so I decided to start a wee blog. Lots of new things happening to me at the moment: some are exciting, some are mediocre, and some are pure shite. So here’s a bit of background about me.

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