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Fucking Facebook

9 Feb

Fucking Facebook!!! Mind how I hilariously changed my name to Judy McSlapperson? Well, I decided that that is a stupid name, so I changed it back to good ole Judy Frary (cos you know, Frary is /much/ less stupid). I also updated lots of info, such as changed my work info, stuff I liked, AND my about me section. I’ve also uploaded two different profile pics. Two.

But low and behold. Every fucking time I log into Facebook, what do I see? Judy McSlapperson, complete with outdated profile info and old profile pic. Fuck SAKE!! And all the posts on my wall are from fucking ages ago. Oh wait, I just clicked on my profile to get an example, and now it’s got all my current activity. All my updated info, profile pic and all my latest comments.  REFRESH THE PAGE. Oh look, old profile pic. Old activity. Old comments. FUCK SAKE!!

I even went on the help pages to try and sort it out. They are fucking useless. Nae help in the slightest. NAE!! Arrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!
Sort it out Facebook!! I might revert to fucking Bebo!


My pal Ross

16 Dec

This is my pal Ross Gardiner’s video. It’s probably one of the best things I’ve seen. Made me laugh, made me cry, made me even think about getting rid of Facebook.
His video has received over 11,000 views. What a sensation.

Hope you’re doing well pal. Miss your face. Might have to send you a MySpace message!

Get it up ya, Facebook!

14 Oct

Vanila Frary will not be defeated!

Facebook Name Rage

13 Oct

In order to communicate my obsession with Vanilla Ice to the world, I’ve been trying to change my name on Facebook to Vanilla Frary. Not only would my entire friends list truly understand how much I love Vanilla Ice, but I would look cool as fuck.

But oh no! Facebook will not allow this to happen. Vanilla apparently is not an acceptable first name. But it’s ok for Vanilla Martin in Sydney, Australia to have Vanilla as their first name? What’s that all about Facebook?! Huh?! Tell me!

It’s also perfectly acceptable for three of my pals to change their names to : Bridget McBattlebaps, Foofi McWank Patter and Shauncey McVomvom. Yeah, cos those are everyday names. I’m sure schools are just full of kids with those names, wee Foofi and Shauncey running around the playground, looked after by Miss McBattlebaps. This is such an outrage!!! I mean, McWank is pretty much a swear word, at the very least an offensive word! Stupid Foofi McWank Patter is allowed to have profanity in his name, and I’m not allowed to have the lovely Vanilla as a name?!

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