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The end of the road

31 Mar

And now, the end is here and so I face my final curtain…

Ladies and Gentlemen, here we are. We’ve come to the end of the line. Unlike The Scream Movies, I know when to stop. I have decided that today, this very post will be my last. Please, please don’t cry.

I have so many new exciting prospects coming up- maybe my modelling will take off, maybe I’ll get some big high paying, all powerful job.Who knows where me and Slappy will end up (marriage, obviously, but you know..)? Who knows what the future will hold?

I feel the story of Judy Frary’s disasterous life has come to an end, and a new chapter is beginning. But yeah, assed with making a sequel. Why ruin a perfectly good story (Pirates of the Caribbean) by dragging it out unnecessarily (why are they making a FORTH movie?! Why!).

Thanks for reading, and following my journey with me. Who knows what’s around the riverbend? Who knows.

All my love,

Judy Fonmanu McSlapperson