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Drunk Survey

12 Jan

Me and Shetterz had a dinner party tonight. That resulted in me having too much wine and not enough food. I am drunk. EVERYBODY IN MY BED GETTING TIPSY! That’s just me.

17 was the first proper relationship. He was such a dick though. Blergh! Basically, I went out with him cos he was the first guy to properly show me any interest. Urgh. Looking back, I was so unhappy with him. God. Drunken Judy is an HONEST Judy

Texts from last night

27 Dec

Alcohol, touchscreen phone, fat fingers and wanting a snog are a bad combination.

“J.x I am drunk as. I well ca ‘t wait to eat you. Wooooooooooooft cxxxxxxx”

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Oh my dear god

8 Oct


Myself and Popsickle went to go see Barony;s gig last night. HE SHUSHED ME! I actually love him. He’s such a rockstar.

But man ALIVE he has some bad advice!! He told me about thsi beer, “Delerium Tremens” and how he had to pitns of it and was a disgrace. i thought he was exaggerating.  WAS HE FUCK!! That beer is more lethal than my punch!!! One bottle of it. One. How drunk did it make me?! HORRENDOUSLY! Oh my ghod

I have to go to work!!!! I have to fucking GO to work!!!!! I was a complete disaaster.

In other news, Popsickle and I are compelte sceney scenesters. We bought like…TEN THOUSAND Cds last ngiht. SCENEY SCENES. Fucking hell. Assssed!

Oh mygod!!! This beer!! Lethal!1 I;M ORKING ABC TONGIHT TOO Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckaduck!!

But aye, Two Zebras?! Well goood! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx