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28 Nov

Absolute wreckage. Kudos is actually amazing, I highly recommend going! £30 for 3 courses (delicious), half a bottle of wine, a jaegerbomb, 2 shots of blueberry Smirnoff, and 3 vodka cokes (maybe it was four…) Amazing.

I would very much like someone to come look after me please. Look at me:

Judy Frary is hungover to fuck

Judy Frary is hungover to fuck

I need looking after. Someone bring me some chicken Supernoodles and I’ll be your pal for LIFE xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Ladz Christmas Dinner 2010!!

27 Nov

The day has finally arrived!!! Tonight is the night of LADZ CHRISTMAS DINNER 2010!! Myself and 7 of my extremely good friends from uni are all being reunited for a night of turkey, binge drinking and banter. I cannot wait. I am aboslutely gutted that the other 5 LADZ can’t make tonight, but we will have a blast without them.

I don’t know how I would’ve made it through my 4 years of uni if it wasn’t for this bunch of riots. We’re all quite different people, different mannerisms, likes, personalities, but with one main common love- binge drinking. I know binge drinking is bad for you, and there are so many shite things about it. But the one thing that binge drinking is amazing for is bringing me to this group of drunken idiots. If it wasn’t for 99p Tuesdays, £1.45 vodkas and 50p pints at TFI, I guarantee we would not have had as many adventures, banter or bonding as we have done.

Tonight, we’re all grown up, and will be going out for a classy meal, drinking nice wine and having civilized conversations. For all of ten minutes. Roll on shots of sambuca with the starter, turkey and Tennets, with strawpeedos for dessert.


Stop drinking.

5 Nov

Ok Judy, time to stop drinking. Get your act together. You are no longer going to do the following things:
1) Drunk text men
2) Drunk call men
3) Drunk Facey-b men

This is your demise. This is why your love interests don’t last long. You are a fucking nutjob, and you scare them away. Stop drinking. Stick to tap water. Tap water will not only save you money, it will save your dignity, and you might not die at the age of 25 from liver poisioning. Stop drinking.

See you LATER binge drinking, it’s been fun!

The Apprentice Drinking Game

4 Nov

There is no chance on earth that I am pregnant after last night. Myself and my very good friend Mr Night Out decided to play The Apprentice Drinking Game last night. In the space of an hour, we each drank a bottle of wine, a double vodka lemonade and the best part of a beer. Needless to say, by the time Lord Sugar uttered those famous words “You’re Fired” we were annihilated. Oh dear.

Mr Night Out went as passed out for a bit, so Barony ended up coming over for a wee snog. I can vaugely remember him being there, the wee scamp. He left, and then I passed out. Passing out FTW.