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Time for a change

15 Oct

It’s just not the same. I don’t get the same satisafaction, the same sense of comfort. It’s just…different. It feels like…like I’m in a foreign country, no sense of being at home.

I am of course talking about my cubicle. Ever since the lightbulb has been changed, the whole atmosphere is different. It’s too bright. Far too bright. The cubicle just radiates light and makes it appear all clinical. Nothing homely about it at all. I don’t feel the same level of stress and anxiety now on the walk to the toilets. I just feel…nothing. You know, I don’t think I would even care if someone else was using that cubicle. I would just shrug my shoulders and use a different stall. Maybe 3 in from the left?
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Mars Bar Disappointment

7 Oct

Mars Bar,what have you done to me?! I just had my morning Mars Bar, and I’ve been left with a disgusting after taste in my mouth. It tastes like I’ve been eating plastic or something. It’s as though I have actually eaten the wrapper.

How could you do this to me Mars?! This is disgusting, I’m physically gagging in the office. I have to go eat something else to get rid of this horrendous taste in my mouth. I feel so let down and cheated by you Mars. How could you betray me this way?

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