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What a creep

3 Feb

Yep. I like all those things.

But do you know what I love? My boyfriend 😀 God, I’m sickening!! I’m like…a cartoon, all soppy and in love and happy. Ridiculously happy. I make myself sick! But I’m in love, so who cares.


OkCupid Message

19 Oct

Seriously, some of the messages on OkCupid are hilarious!

Am m***** j**** from Uganda i,am 32 years old i have just read your profile and got interested in it, i,have wished to be lovers is it okay? and we keep in love truly and permanently if you agree to be my sweetie i,will be the happiest cause i,have liked you much thanks

Em…no. Even OkCupid knows we wouldn’t be good together- 0% match.

Jog on mate!

10 Oct

Working bar job last night. My work tends to be full of ugly men. There’s the occasional rare hottie, but this is indeed a rarity. However, last night there was one! And he asked for my number. I thought, fuck it, why not. He’s hot. I completely forgot about the whole TrainCreep scenario last time I gave my number to a random. This was a big mistake.

So Customer asks for my number. Aye, here you go pal.

“Are you sure this is your number?”
“I really hope you’re not lying”
I’m not. I have to go serve people. Bye.

(Ten minutes later, he’s back at the bar)
“Are you absolutely sure this is your real number”
“What are the last 3 digits”
Treble 7
“…..Ok…and the one before that?”
6. I have to go serve people. Bye

By this time, I starting to think this guy is a little desperate and clingy. My suspicions were confirmed.
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See ya Later TrainCreep

8 Sep

Why didn’t I think of this sooner?! I just text him telling him he has the wrong number!

“This not Judy?”



See ya LATER TrainCreep!

TrainCreep can’t take a hint

8 Sep

That’s now 10 messages in a row that I haven’t replied to. Ten. The latest one was informing me that he has a new number. Listen love, I couldn’t give a flying fuck about you, let alone that you have a new number. Piss off out of my life!

I mean, seriously!! TEN messages in a row, quite obviously been ignored. Take a fucking hint!! I’ve now replied, with “Sorry who?” Hoefully he;ll realise that I don’t care about him and his creepiness.

Take my advice- NEVER give your number out to boys who chat you up on the train. Never!


30 Aug

Today I have received 3 texts from TrainCreep. I haven’t replied to a single one.

God loves a trier, but Judy hates a stalker


30 Aug

TrainCharmer is by far my LEAST favourite man in the world. He is being renamed TrainCreeper.

I thought, why not.  I’ll give him my number, he could turn out to be a fantastic guy. Boy, was I wrong!!!

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