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This weekend

25 Mar

Ladz, the most amazing thing is in town this weekend. No, not Vanilla Ice, and certainly not the circus. Something better than those two put together and covered in spaghetti hoops. The Wedding Fare.

Yes, that’s right!!! This weekend, in George Square is The Wedding Fare. How fucking amazing!! Was driving home last night from bar job (remember, not umeployed!!) and see this beautiful, big white marquee all set up and ready to go. I curiously look to see what it’s all about and BOOM!!! My heart just about jumps out of my wee car!! The Wedding Fare!!! Aaaaaaah!!!

Do you even know what that means?! That means hunnerz, and I mean hunnerz, of wedding related sales people all under one beautiful marquee. They’ll be people who do cakes, people who do invites, and most importantly,people who do dresses!!!! I’m gonna try on ten!! Ten!!! Aaaaah!! WEDDING DRESSES!!!! Oh man, I hope they’re cheap. If they are cheap enough I might buy one. Oooooh!! I’m gonna get SO many goody bags! I mean, just think of all the fre wedding stuff I can get!!! Just think. So many brochures, so many invitation samples. Wowza!!

Howevez, there is one problem. I don’t have an engagement ring. So going around all the stalls and vendors, they will look at my left hand, see there’s no ring and just think “urgh, she’s not getting married, she’s just some sad loser in by herself”. Their looks of disgust would break my heart and ruin my enthusiasm. To combat this, I need to buy myself a ring! One of those wee sparkly numbers from Claire’s Accessories ought to do the trick. That’ll prove to these vendors that I am not some single loser prancing around the far for my fake wedding. No. They will take me seriously, and give me their best offers.

I am beyond excited.


Slappy’s Music Video

14 Feb

I decided to mime this video because my singing was terrible. Happy Valentine’s Day Slappybaby. I love you!

<3 Valentine's Day! <3

13 Feb

Man alive, I am MEGA excited about Valentine’s day!! Last year I spent the day having lunch with my mum, then had a hot date with Mr Megabus. Needless to say, it was a bit shite. But this year; this year should be amazing!

I’ve been doing my nut with this amazing music video for Slappybabes. I showed it to my parents and my sister. They all agreed it made me come across as a fucking psycho girlfriend. Perfect! That was the look I was going for. I can’t wait for him to see it 😀 Don’t worry, it’ll be posted on the blog for all to see! I’ve also got him non-crazygirlfriend presents and have a wee surprise for him (a positive pregnancy test- ssssh!) so you know, it’s all good.

But I am most excited about Mr McSlapperson’s present for me! I haven’t a clue what it is. He text me saying he was busy making one of my presents. One of. One of!! That means he’s at least got me two!! So a baby and an engagement ring! 😀 Yay!! He’s also got the whole day planned out, but wont tell me anything. Oh man alive! I am so mega excited!!


Working from home, week 2

6 Dec

Today begins my second week of working from my living room. Sitting on the floor, in this small room, with no one to talk to. I will no doubt go insane. I will try my best to document it as the week progresses, although I might mistake the computer for a dog or something. Fucking hell. Mental.com.

Gonna just…fuck off and melt snow?!

Where I get it from

24 Nov

This is a video of my mother and I singing “Telephone” by Lady Gaga and Beyonce, with a cameo appearance from my father. It is evident where my musical ability and mental unstability comes from.

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