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See you LATER public transport!

11 Feb

Today, I have returned to the motherland of Aberdeen. Why? To pick up my motor! Once again, Judy and Louise will be reunited and riding the mean streets of Scotland together 😀 Yippee!!

I am so happy! Starting this new job down in Ayr so am taking Lou-babe with me. If she wasn’t by my side, I would have to do almost 5 hours commuting to and from work everyday.

6:23- train from Alexandra Parade to Queen Street
7:00- train from Central to Ayr
8:15- bus from Ayr to office
8:45- Start work.

Five hours. Fuck that. Imagine that! FIVE hours on public transport, 5 days a week, for three months. To go to Ayr. Aye, nae chance. Me and Louise will get that bad boy busted out in 2.

So eh…does anyone know good dogging places in Glasgow?! (lol, jk)


Back to the office

13 Dec

Today I am back to working in the office. No longer will I roll out of bed at 9.25am, crawl through to the living room in my pyjamas dragging my duvet, and be ready to work at 9.30am. I am back to waking up at 7.30am, getting dressed, putting on make-up and making myself look semi-respectable.

Hello ScotRail! Hello 08:48 service to Dunblane, calling at Bishopbriggs, Lenzie, Croy, Larbert, Stirling, Bridge of Allan, and….Dunblane. I am back to being a morning commuter. Back to working at a desk, with a mothafucking MOUSE!! See you later trackpad, adios laptop. Hello Desktop!

I miss my bed.