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Cafetiere Coffee

13 Sep

I am in love with my new cafetiere coffee maker. I made myself a coffee this morning, and I am WIRED!! Normally I’d be on my 3rd cup of tea by now, but with my bad boy cafetiere, there is no need. One cup of coffee will do me for the rest of the day.

I’m adding cafetieres to my list of things I love, above “Men”



4 Sep

I am the most hyper I’ve ever been. Ever!! I met Rower for a LARGE coffee. It was nice. I think Rower is probs gonna be the only ex that I’m still good friends with. He really is such a great guy. It was really nice just chatting and catching up, I’m glad we’re still friends. And he’s still HOT as!! Mmmm….Rower!! But yes, I am now WIRED!! I can’t sit still. To celebrate I’m going to do  a SURVEY! 😀

Have you ever made out with someone you weren’t dating? Story of my life

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