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Judy’s Quest For A Man: Where are they now?

20 Feb

I have had a special request from wee Ems for a follow up blog about the other men in the blog. Mind there was a time before Slappy? That seems so long ago!

So aye, men!

Mr Brewhaha
Well, Mr Brewhaha is now Mr Costa. Brewhaha closed down, so he moved next door. Don’t really speak to him anymore, just the odd Facyb comment once in a blue moon. Which is a shame, he’s a nice guy. But, well, you know how it is. Last time I spoke/saw him was just before I went home for Christmas, aka AGES ago. Dunno if he still reads this, but if you are, hope you’re doing well pal!

HunkyArms still has hunky arms. Aye, he’s still at abc, working away. But you know what, its not awkward at all. We still get on like a house on fire, so aye, that’s all well! Him and Slappz are also good pals, so we’re all one big happy family. He’s still single, so any (attractive) ladies with an arm fetish, get in touch!

Me and Barony haven’t actually spoken since our last smooch. Oh well! Mind his band, Two Zebras? It seems to be going well. He’s got a new single coming out soon, and a few shows lined up. I think he’s moving abroad soon, maybz Holland, so I probs wont see him again. But aye, still a nice guy. Hope his band does well, he’s quite a talented wee chap!

So there you are, wee Ems. 😀


Man Chat

19 Dec

So, where am I with my men? Well, sadly, me and Mr Brewhaha have decided to just be friends. I know, I know. I wanted it to work too, but well… it just didn’t. If this was a Disney movie, then I would’ve wrote my blog, we’d have met, fallen in love, and lived happily ever after. But alas, Disney movies are not real. Real life men are not as hunky as Aladdin. Mmmm, Aladdin.

I really do hope with Mr Brewhaha we stay pals, cos he is pretty damn cool. Maybe it was a case of right person, wrong time? Who knows.

So that leaves me with Slappy McSlapperson. After spending a bit more time with Slappz, we had a wee chat about us. Basically, we both like each other, but don’t want to get into anything too serious yet, so aye…just see how it goes. I’m well glad we talked about it.

BUT I HAVE SOME BAD NEWS!!! Slappy McSlapperson has requested that  I don’t blog about him, as he’s not really comfortable with it. What a gay!! But since I want to continue having an outrageously good time with him, I will grudingly oblige. Might still give the odd update, like “Oh, we went and saw this at the cinema” but probs less of the “aye, he pure threw me around the room” chat. 😥 Oh Slapperz!

So until further notice, just assume my love life is going well. Don’t worry, the rest is still one big trainwreck.

Slappy McSlapperson

13 Dec

Yep, new man. Slappy McSlapperson. He is an actual BABE. (Here, parents, gonna no read this? Gonna get a bit graphic, so eh… don’t read on!)

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What appeared in my newsfeed this morning

18 Nov

Move over Cheryl and Ashley. Out of the way Kate and William. On yer bike Brad and Angelina. It’s all about Judy and Mr Brewhaha!

Judy’s Quest For A Man

17 Nov

Having said that, Judy’s Quest For A Man is getting quite interesting and exciting. It’s really all just about Mr Brewhaha at the moment. Went round to his last night, so that’s the third time I’ve seen him in three weeks. We’re basically married.

I was just lying in his bed (nakey, of course) and just had to have a wee chuckle. Just the whole situation in how it all developed is quite surreal. I think it should be made into a movie.

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I’m in love

11 Nov

Yep, Judy Frary’s gone and done it again. I’ve fallen head over heels in love. With my new Hunter Wellies. They are so red, and so delicious. They are the greatest thing I’ve ever worn in my entire life ever. Better than ALL my Vanilla Ice clothing/accessories put together. Fact.

In other news, last night I met Mr Brewhaha for a wee bev or three. Two dates in two weeks, I’m getting better at this malarky. He is actually so lovely. And so gorgeous, and just generally great. Really easy to talk to, so unfortunatly he got to listen to some of Judy Frary’s crazy life stories which really shouldn’t be shared with anyone. Soz doll. But yeah, Mr Brewhaha is faaaaaaaaantastic. Ended up going back to his to use the toilet, and then ended up staying over. But guess what? No bangfest! Check me out! Just went round, slept in the same bed- both fully clothed- and had a wee snuggle. Not even a fool around fest. Just a lovely snuggle with a lovely man.

Are you proud of me?! I’m proud of me. It seems I’ve taken all your advice and not immediately banged him, only to be dingyed the next day. Girlfriend’s growing up! (Well, either that or the fact I’m still on the blob and I fell asleep almost immediately…).

Readers, I’m in love.

Man Update

7 Nov

I apologise for not keeping you more informed of Judy’s Quest For A Man. Please forgive me.

Right, where were we? Oh yes, last Friday’s date with Mr Brewhaha. Well, yeah it went quite well!! Met him for a few bevs and a chat. He really is a lovely guy. Just chatted about life and general shite etc. My bessie mate Wreckage was up for the weekend, so I met him for a few bevs beforehand. By the time I met Mr Brewhaha, I had several pints and a few shots of sambuca, so the date is a bit hazy! But yes. It was good. Had a wee snog at the end, high five. Since the date, we’ve been on the old text, and I’ve stopped off at Brewhaha for some chats. He is lovely. So yes, its all going well there, I think.

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