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Boys born in 1992

27 Sep

This weekend was a riot.

On Friday, I returned to the Union for TFI and caused a riot. I snogged a fresher, who has now added me on Facebook, and text me telling me he missed me. Oh Judy.

I went along to the rowing club’s fresher tasting session, and fell in love with ALL the first year men. I did not snog any, jsut groped the fuck out of them. Oh Judy, Judy, Judy.

I’m meant to be on a MAN hunt, not a child hunt!



30 Aug

TrainCharmer is by far my LEAST favourite man in the world. He is being renamed TrainCreeper.

I thought, why not.  I’ll give him my number, he could turn out to be a fantastic guy. Boy, was I wrong!!!

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I love Arms

26 Aug


Arms are by far the most attractive feature on a man. He could have a horrendous face, a beer belly, and be 5″2. If his arms are ripped, I will find him irrisistable

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Things I love

26 Aug




Being Naked

Drunk Texting




I love men

26 Aug

God, I actually LOVE men!!! Men are faaaaaaaantastic!!!!

❤ MEN ❤

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Men, men, men, men

24 Aug


Aye, so, MEN! Where do I begin?!

It’s been two months since Rower dumped me, and it’s just starting to get a bit better. I mean, I still have feelings for Rower, and he still has feelings for me, but he just doesn’t think he can be in a relationship at the mo. Fuck right off.

So I’ve had enough of pining after him, and thinking “Ooh maybe we’ll get back together” and all that jazz. I’m getting back in the game!

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