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The end of the road

31 Mar

And now, the end is here and so I face my final curtain…

Ladies and Gentlemen, here we are. We’ve come to the end of the line. Unlike The Scream Movies, I know when to stop. I have decided that today, this very post will be my last. Please, please don’t cry.

I have so many new exciting prospects coming up- maybe my modelling will take off, maybe I’ll get some big high paying, all powerful job.Who knows where me and Slappy will end up (marriage, obviously, but you know..)? Who knows what the future will hold?

I feel the story of Judy Frary’s disasterous life has come to an end, and a new chapter is beginning. But yeah, assed with making a sequel. Why ruin a perfectly good story (Pirates of the Caribbean) by dragging it out unnecessarily (why are they making a FORTH movie?! Why!).

Thanks for reading, and following my journey with me. Who knows what’s around the riverbend? Who knows.

All my love,

Judy Fonmanu McSlapperson



2 Feb

Man alive. Things with Slappy are going really well. You know why? Because I’m totez honest with him. Like, completez honest. Sure I tell him the occassional hilarious lie, such as “I’M PREGNANT”, “I’ve put down a deposit on a flat for us” or the classic “I think we should see other people”, but those are all just fibs to keep myself amused.

But like, with all my crazy feelings and emtions- I’m totally honest with him. I don’t keep anything from him or anything like that. It’s weird. I’ve never been so open with a boyf before. With that twat Rower, I kept a lot of the crazy underwraps, and it would all just erupt when I was drunk, like a vodcano. (See what I did there). So yeah, being completly honest and open with my boyf is new to me.

I’ve told him all about my crazy insecurities, and some really personal things. Things that I’ve only really shared with one or two people. Things I’ve not even shared with the blog! Oh aye! I think the reason I’ve become more open is to do with the blog. I’ve never been as honest as I am with myself as I am now. I’m always writing all this crap down On The Blog. It’s helped me relaise who I am yadda-yadda-yadda.

So thank you blog. Thanks for letting me be honest with myself, and being honest with my lovely, wonderful boyfriend. (soon to be flatmate/fiance/father of Magnus).

If you’re having relationship issues, I suggest writing a blog! Get all your crazy out in the open. It does wonders!

Thanks Dad

17 Jan

Have you seen the musical Oklahoma? It is amazing. There is a song called “I cain’t say no”, sang by Ado Annie that goes like this:

I’m jist a girl who cain’t say no,
I’m in a turrible fix
I always say “come on, let’s go”
Jist when I orta say nix!

It’s a great song! While I was home this weekend, I started singing “I’m just a girl who cain’t say no..” In pops my dad with the witty line- “I know, I’ve read your blog”.

Aye, cheers dad.

The family then decided to blast the song full volume, and shout “JUDY! JUDY, IT’S YOUR SONG!!” “Judy’s a girl who cain’t say no”

Yeah, thanks

Morning newsfeed

17 Jan

I’m glad to have made  your day 😀

(No blocking out the names this time, you get FULL recognition!)

Answers to your search term questions

7 Jan

The following questions have been asked in the search terms:

  • judy frary blog care for a shlong between your tittaaayyyyssssss?

I’m good at the moment. Maybe later? Have you trimmed though? Not having a hairy shlong between my tittaaayyyyssssss.

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More search term fun

7 Jan

More and more people are being disappointed. People are still being directed to this shite after looking for Hannah Tointon. People are also being directed here after search for bushy pubes, hairy bikini line, hsaved pubic hair etc. Sorry!

But a lot of you are still finding my lovely blog with your ingenious search terms. Keep em coming. A personal fave: “judy frary horse humping dildomuncher face”

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Happy New Year!

3 Jan

Yes, yes, yes. Happy New Year one and all!! I hope you all ahd a great time, and saw it in in style. I did. Whoop!

Quell Dommage! My laptop charger has broken, and my laptop has ran out of battery. D= SO yes, blogging will be at a low for the next couple of days. Fear not, young lovers, for I have not deserted you. I would never do such a thing.

I will be back in a jiffy, and we can date date date it right up.