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A few tips for bar staff

20 Sep
  • If an optic is empty- change it.
  • If a bin is full- change it.
  • If a drink is spilt on the bar- clean it.
  • If a customer is waiting to be served, and you’re not doing anything- serve them

Like, it’s not hard!!


ABC Toilets

20 Sep

Suprisingly enough, I don’t have my own cubicle at ABC. I just use whatever one’s empty. Go figure!

Bar bar bar

20 Sep

So I had my first weekend back at ABC. It was amazing! I forgot how much I love working behind the bar, just dancing away- pulling pints, pulling shapes. I’m absolutely exhausted now, mind, but whoop whoop it was great!

In the year and a half I’ve been away, not much has changed. The customers are still the same scenester knobs they’ve always been, the music is the same playlist it’s always been. The drinks have gone up in price on Saturday, down in price on Friday. But the atomosphere behind the bar has changed. I only know about 4 or 5 of the staff, and yeah, it’s changed!

None of the new staff dance, or seem remotely energetic!! I mean, what!! When I used to work there, there was a bunch of us who’d always have a bit of energy, and be dancing and a bit lively behind the bar. Now I’m lucky if someone smiles! The old staff that are still there are still great banter mind you, nothing’s changed there (love how I go back, and just slip back into the old routine). But man alive. Gie’s a smile! And ALSO! Some of them are absolutely shite at their jobs. I mean, compeltely rubbish. ABC is one of the easiest bars to work. We have like…10 spirits, no cocktails, nothing fancy. Cup, ice, spirit, mixer, done. But some just don’t get it. They just don’t!!!!!! Urgh!!

This is turning into a bit of a rant, I apologise.

I miss the Frary-Fraser dream team.

Back To Bar

17 Sep

Tonight I am returning to my job as a barmaid at the glorious o2ABC. I worked there for 2 years (when it was just plain ole ABC), and after a year and a half away- I’m back!

Got a phone call last night asking if I fancied coming back, eh, Aye!! I’ve well missed working in a nightclub!! Sure, the hours are long, and that, but man alive! What a buzz I used to get from it. I know the crowd are probably still the same ole fannies they’ve always been, and there’s a bunch of new staff I wont know, but WOOFT! I am pure buzzing at the thought of going back!!

I’ll probably only keep it up for a few months, but still. ABC!! Back where I belong!