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7 Jan

What the hell?! 2011 is deffz bringing out a new Judy Frary. I am wearing TROUSERS!! WHAT THE FUCK!! I never wear trousers. It’s hot pants, hot pants, hot pants!! Hot pants are the most amazing thing ever invented- even Ke$ha sings about them. Hot pants in the office, hot pants in the bar, hot pants in the street, hot pants when I go to eat.

But no. Here’s me being all sensible and wearing trousers. Baggy trousers at that. Trousers that don’t even cling to my thighs and make me look naked. I’m not even wearing a slutty low cut top to make up for it. I’m wearing a hoodie!!!

Guys, what the fuck is happening to me? What happened to the skankily dressed, binge drinking, man eater?! When did I become some sensible trouser wearing, diet coke drinking, one man at a time chick?

If this is what 2011 is going to do to me, I QUIT!! You hear me, 2011, I QUIT!


New year, New YOU

5 Jan

So that seems to be the theme of many magazines and tv shows around this time of year. New Year=New you. And, man alive, I think this time it’s true!

I am a binge drinker. It’s what I do. I meet up with my pals, and within 3 hours we’re hammered. 10 vodka lemonades, 5 shots of Jaeger, couple of pints, the works. Binge Drinker. Well, so I used to be.

On Monday I met up with a couple of the Skype Sluts (Popsickle, Shetterz and Sharpie) and we went to the pub. What did I order? A diet coke. Me. ME! Me, the big binge drinker, sat in a pub, sipping on a diet coke. Absurd! What’s even more surprising though is this. I left the pub an hour early. Whilst people were still drinking. Popsickle and Shetterz were still there, swigging away on their bevz. I finished my diet coke, said a polite goodbye, and walked out.

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Happy New Year!

3 Jan

Yes, yes, yes. Happy New Year one and all!! I hope you all ahd a great time, and saw it in in style. I did. Whoop!

Quell Dommage! My laptop charger has broken, and my laptop has ran out of battery. D= SO yes, blogging will be at a low for the next couple of days. Fear not, young lovers, for I have not deserted you. I would never do such a thing.

I will be back in a jiffy, and we can date date date it right up.


2011, the year of the Frary

27 Dec

I’ve decided 2011 is going to be the year for me. This will be the first year where I am left completely to my own devices. No going back to education, no structure already laid out. It’s a blank slate, and I can make whatever I want from it.

So what am I going to do?! Well, first things first. I’m gonna win Britain’s Next Top Model. Yup. Even if I don’t win it, I’ve decided I’m gonna start making more of an effort with modelling, try and scrape together some sort of career. So far, I’ve not made a single penny from photoshoots, but come 2011 I’ll be raking it in. Well, fingers crossed. I’ve already got my first paid shoot lined up. One small step!

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