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No more office work!!!

21 Mar

Aye, so me and the boss had a chat today and came to a mutual agreement. I wasn’t happy with the job, and they weren’t really happy with my performance, so we called it a day. It wasn’t a good fit, it didn’t work up, so as of 5.15pm, I am day job less!! Yippee!!!

No more drive to Ayr, no more sitting at the desk by myself, eating lonely lunches. Whoop whoop!!

I dunno if office work is for me. I kinda hate it. Who knows what the next chapter of life will bring? Who knows.


David Walther

18 Mar

I need to phone this man to ask him about how he screens for diseases in his potatoes. However, i will probably be too busy giggling at his job title to properly concentrate.


My crazy hearing

17 Mar

One of the galz in the office was just chatting. She said “that’s not in my procedures”

Due to her accent,  I thought she said “that’s not in my pussyjuice”

I had about 5 mins of shock before the penny dropped.

Every cloud

17 Mar

So, in my job I’m researching the American market, and finding out about their plant disease testing methods. Do you use ELISA to test for phytophthora? What about for rhizoctonia? Ah, you use a real-time PCR kit? How very interesting.

As I was saying, I’m not really stimulated, and feel just a bit…blah.  But, as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining.

I have to research annual meetings etc, and find out where we should be exhibiting and the like. The Annual Meeting of the American Phytopathological Society is a keen hot spot. If I’m lucky enough to be kept on in this job, there is a wee chance I could be sent along to the conference to exhibit our amazing plant disease diagnostic kits. So you know, hanging around listening to lectures about plant diseases, ways to control plant diseases, what tests we can carry out etc etc. Urgh, hardly the best trip of my life  Continue reading

Work work work

14 Mar

Man alive. I am knackered. I have no idea how long I can keep up this two job malarkey. I usually work 47-57 hours a week. When you throw in the 2 hour daily communte to Ayr, that’s a 57-67 hour week. Jeezo. 

I am constantly shattered. And a constantly shattered Judy= no fun. I’m so boring these days. Last night, I was at a surprise birthday party for one of the galz from bar job. I had one small, solitary glass of wine, and left at 8.15pm. Yes, you heard me. 8.15pm. LAME!

What’s even lamer? I was in bed and fast asleep before 10 o’clock. Yep. In bed before ten. What on earth?  What happened to all the partying I used to do? Or staying up past half ten? What happened to that? I don’t like it.

I know, I know. It’s all part of being a grown up. Life can’t be all late nights and binge drinking. Have to start being responsible, thinking of consequences. Can’t just take the day off because you feel like it. You need to work.

Urgh. I dunno what to do. I feel like an empty shell of a person. Like all my personality and vitality has been stripped away, and I’ve just become another corporate zombie.

 Judy Frary, welcome to the real world.

Did I really just say that?!

3 Mar

In my new job as market researcher, I have to phone people up and ask them questions. My area is Plant Disease Testing, so I phone up plant disease diagnosticians and ask them what methods they use. I just got off the phone to New Jersey. It went something like this:

“So, do you use the Rapid Response tests, such as the Lateral Flow Devices?”

“Oh yes, I like them”

“You like them?”

“Yes, I like them because they are fast. I like anything that’s fast and dirty”

“Oh, well you’ll love me then!”


What a tard.


27 Feb

Tonight is our staff Karaoke night out. (Bar job)

Colleague, prepare yourself for a musical extravaganza. Your ears will experience a sound so perfect, so delicate, that they will be astounded. Your ears will literally fall off your head because they can’t handle the glory that is Judy Frary Singing.

This is my chance to shine. I am hogging the mic, and I am dazzling the crowds.

Set list:

Wait and Bleed-Slipknot (duo with Slappy)
Stand and Deliver- Adam and the Ants
Touch Me- Sam Fox
Baby Got Back- Sir Mix-a-lot

And just whatever else takes my fancy. I am EXCITED