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18 Apr

Aye, so I couldn’t even last a month without blogging. I am pathetic. Here I am, back On The Blog. Hurrah!

I’ve started a new blog, Snoop Bloggy Blog to satisfy my need to write. But it doesn’t have anything on it just yet. I’ll let all you fly dawgs know AS SOON AS something is on. I’ll notify via Facebook and Twitter, so make sure you’re a fan/follower (link on the right)

So what’s Snoop Bloggy Blog gonna be about? About how gangsta I am (very)? Maybz. I don’t actually know. But I didn’t really have a clue what On The Blog was gonna be about. It’ll probs be along the same lines, but less of the boke-inducing “I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND!!!” chat. Hurrah!

I have an interview to get ready for now, so no SBB post JUST yet. Maybe in a couple of hours. Maybe.

Stay tuned!!