How many men will I bang in 2011?

27 Dec



Lol jk. (is that better Bagarella? ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!)

So how is my love life going? Very well pal, very well indeed!! Despite all those drunken ramblings I sent him, Slappy is still sticking around. Hallejuah! I must be doing something right. Being cool, that’s what.

You know what I’m like, falling for s0me0ne the moment I see them. Planning our wedding, what clothes our kids will wear etc etc. But for once, I’ve not been doing this! I’ve not been all crazy LET’S STAY TOGETHER FOREVER with Slappy. Check me out, growing up and that!! I’m just not getting carried away. Taking it one day at a time, and just going with da flow.

And what’s even more suprising, I’m sticking to just the one man!! Know how I’m normally like…fuck, I’m gonna get crazy attached to him in ten mins…MUST KISS MORE BOYS! Spreading the love and all that, not getting too attached? Well, fuck that! I’ve made the decision to just stick to Slappy. I’m not adding another man into the mix. Just sticking with the one. Fucking hell. What’s wrong with me?! What’s that all about?!

I mean, I was oot on the razz last night, and I had the opportunity to snog a few hotties. And what did I do?! I turned them down! Me!! ME!!! Me, being all “Nah mate, I’m not gonna snog you” What the fuck!!!!! Because if I wasn’t smooching Slappy, then I didn’t want to smooch anyone at all. Jeez. Next thing, I’m DEFFZ wearing his Rolex. (I say Rolex, I mean Batman t-shirt).

Jeez. So there we have it. A new year, a new Judy Frary. A one-man Judy Frary. Pffft. Ladz. What on earth.


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