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Ke$ha Tattoo

29 Dec

Forget what I told you in that post. I’m getting a Ke$ha tattoo.

Just a small one. But yep. It’s getting done.

Just need to decide what. A K? A $? KE$HA?



<3 Ke$ha <3

29 Dec

So, in my last post I talked about how I am an obsessive person. Here is the perfect example. Ke$ha.

I LOVE Ke$ha. She is the best thing I’ve heard in the entire world ever. I want to have her babies and be her best pal for ever and ever and ever. I’ve been going MENTAL with the whole Ke$ha crush.

Today, I’ve done my nut. Know how she sings on that Taio Cruz song, “Dirty Picture”? She sings: Send the dirty picture to me, send the dirty picture. So I did just that. I tweeted her this:

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29 Dec

In case you haven’t realised, I am quite an obsessive person. I get crazy obsessed about food, songs, men, tv shows etc etc. For two weeks, all I ate was lorne sausage, bacon, black pudding, fried eggs, toast, mushrooms, creamed tomatoes and spaghetti hoops. I’ve not touched it since, couldn’t stomach it.

I’m the type of person who will listen to the same song over and over and over for a week, and then not listen to it for months. I get totally into that one song, and think its the most amaing thing ever. And then what do I think? “I should get those lyrics tattooed on me”

I’m an impulsive person. If I have the money to buy something, I’ll buy it. If I have the money for a tattoo, chances are I’m gonna get it. I mean, have you seen my tattoos?! “Votre Mere” (your mother) on my foot?! Aye, alright. Megalolz.

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How many men will I bang in 2011?

27 Dec



Lol jk. (is that better Bagarella? ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!)

So how is my love life going? Very well pal, very well indeed!! Despite all those drunken ramblings I sent him, Slappy is still sticking around. Hallejuah! I must be doing something right. Being cool, that’s what.

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2011, the year of the Frary

27 Dec

I’ve decided 2011 is going to be the year for me. This will be the first year where I am left completely to my own devices. No going back to education, no structure already laid out. It’s a blank slate, and I can make whatever I want from it.

So what am I going to do?! Well, first things first. I’m gonna win Britain’s Next Top Model. Yup. Even if I don’t win it, I’ve decided I’m gonna start making more of an effort with modelling, try and scrape together some sort of career. So far, I’ve not made a single penny from photoshoots, but come 2011 I’ll be raking it in. Well, fingers crossed. I’ve already got my first paid shoot lined up. One small step!

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Texts from last night

27 Dec

Alcohol, touchscreen phone, fat fingers and wanting a snog are a bad combination.

“J.x I am drunk as. I well ca ‘t wait to eat you. Wooooooooooooft cxxxxxxx”

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2010- The highs

24 Dec

So, now that I’m composed myself after that chat, 2010 held some amazing moments for me. Let’s talk about them. It’s Christmas after all, let’s not be on a downer!

2010 marked the year of reunions. In April, the day I was meant to be reunited with nephew, I was reunited with my niece!! My long lost lovely niece. She was adopted when she was very young, when I was like…2?? So I have nae recollection of her at all. But now I have all these fresh memories. She is aboslutely lovely! When we met, we just got on so well. Felt like I’d known her my whole life. Easy to talk to, no awkward silences. It was lovely. Obvz, the whole thing was a bit overshadowed by the death of my nephew (she didn’t know him either), but wow! I’ve got a new niece!

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