What a mare

7 Nov

Today, I had an absolute mare of a day. Everything that happened was a total URGH FUCK RIGHT OFF!! moment. The most unimpressed I had been in a long while.

After working Friday club, and getting 5 hours sleep, I had to wake up quite early to go to the post office and pick up my package, which I think is my Vanilla necklace. I get completely lost on the way, it’s raining quite heavily and I am soaked. I arrive at the post office with 10 mins to spare before they close. I am in a terrible mood. Tired, soaked and even more tired. The prospect of getting my Vanilla necklace is keeping me going. They don’t have it. I have to return at a later date. My heart and hopes sink. I venture back into the storm to make my way into town.

As I battle through the grey, drizzly storm clouds, my entire body gets soaked, making me extremely cold and wet. I decide to buy a new umbrella and a new pair of dry gloves. Umbrella to keep me dry, gloves to keep me warm. As I make my way to the till, my mood starts to lift. I will begin to feel better when I am dry and warm. I make my payment, walk outside, put up the new umbrella and put on my new gloves. I am ready to take on the world. Except that the umbrella has a broken spork, and the gloves very quickly develop a hole. I stupidly threw away the bag and the receipt because I am a knobend. I am now stuck with a broken umbrella and a holey pair of gloves. Money well spent.

After getting my haircut, I momentarily feel better. I decide what will really perk me up is to buy the pair of Hunter wellies and Converse shoes that I have been eyeing up for the past month. Might also buy a new outfit for staff night out on Monday, make myself look smoking hot. I mean, I had just put in the cheque from the tax man, so I can afford it.

I make my way to Schuh, ask to try on the shoes in a size 7, decide they look fantastic, and make my way to the till. My card gets declined. I leave the shop with no shoes, and in an aboslute foul mood. Why did my card get declined? Because I am an idiot and didn’t realise the cheque would take a whole week to clear. That’s right, no money for Judy Frary until Friday the 12th. Good thing I was able to pay my rent.

So in summary, I spent the day getting completely soaked, and having my hopes shattered, chewn up and thrown into the gutter. What an epic fail of a day.


3 Responses to “What a mare”

  1. Neil November 8, 2010 at 10:28 pm #

    but then you spoke to your mother and everything was sorted, and you were in a good mood – again.

  2. Jiurie November 8, 2010 at 10:30 pm #

    that was me who wrote the above comment.

    • judyfrary November 9, 2010 at 6:08 pm #

      you silly sausage

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