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Make me a TV star!

29 Nov

You know those wee TalkTalk i-dents that are on in The X-Factor? The ones of fannies dancing around to some shite songs, with hunnerz o crap UV effects? Aye, well me and Popsickle just made one. I’m not gonna lie, it is amazing.

Gonna do me a favour, and vote for us to be on TV?! If we make it on the tele, I’ll do an Oprah and buy you all a present.

Thanks!! 😀



28 Nov

Absolute wreckage. Kudos is actually amazing, I highly recommend going! £30 for 3 courses (delicious), half a bottle of wine, a jaegerbomb, 2 shots of blueberry Smirnoff, and 3 vodka cokes (maybe it was four…) Amazing.

I would very much like someone to come look after me please. Look at me:

Judy Frary is hungover to fuck

Judy Frary is hungover to fuck

I need looking after. Someone bring me some chicken Supernoodles and I’ll be your pal for LIFE xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ladz Christmas Dinner 2010!!

27 Nov

The day has finally arrived!!! Tonight is the night of LADZ CHRISTMAS DINNER 2010!! Myself and 7 of my extremely good friends from uni are all being reunited for a night of turkey, binge drinking and banter. I cannot wait. I am aboslutely gutted that the other 5 LADZ can’t make tonight, but we will have a blast without them.

I don’t know how I would’ve made it through my 4 years of uni if it wasn’t for this bunch of riots. We’re all quite different people, different mannerisms, likes, personalities, but with one main common love- binge drinking. I know binge drinking is bad for you, and there are so many shite things about it. But the one thing that binge drinking is amazing for is bringing me to this group of drunken idiots. If it wasn’t for 99p Tuesdays, £1.45 vodkas and 50p pints at TFI, I guarantee we would not have had as many adventures, banter or bonding as we have done.

Tonight, we’re all grown up, and will be going out for a classy meal, drinking nice wine and having civilized conversations. For all of ten minutes. Roll on shots of sambuca with the starter, turkey and Tennets, with strawpeedos for dessert.


“Judy Frary is hot as fuck and likes my tall friend”

26 Nov

So, this search term has been used 3 times…I guess someone is trying to send me a message. Are you trying to use my blog to hook me up with your tall friend? Who is your tall friend? Is he hot? Who are you?!

These search terms are by far the most intriging part of my day.

Shortie- reveal yourself and your tall friend!!


(oh, and thanks for the compliment 😀 )

Britain’s Next Top Model??

26 Nov

Today, myself and Suspenders are auditioning for the next series of Britain’s Next Top Model. I am excited/petrified.

For the past 3 years I have been modelling on and off, mainly to help out my pal Squeezy, who is an excellent make-up artist, or a few of my pals who are photographers and need to build up their portfolio. I’ve had a bit of tempermental relationship with modelling, sometimes I pure love it, sometimes I can’t be fucked with it in the slightest. I’ve always dreamed of being a supermodel though, so I guess BNTM is the place to give it a bash! I’ve got nothing to lose, and I’m used to being rejected ALL THE FUCKING TIME, so even if they say no I wont be too heart broken.

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Where I get it from

24 Nov

This is a video of my mother and I singing “Telephone” by Lady Gaga and Beyonce, with a cameo appearance from my father. It is evident where my musical ability and mental unstability comes from.

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Money makes the world go around

23 Nov

Mind in my post Money! I was telling you all about how I’m gonna be minted this month? Well its true. Thanks to my tax rebate, and working a ridiculous amount of hours at the bar job (only supposed to do 10 a week, end up doingf 25-30), I have had over £2,000 coming into my account this month. £2,000. This is the most money I have ever earnt in a month ever ever ever. For all I know, it could be the most I’ll ever earn in a month ever, although I really hope it’s not.

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