Oh toilets!

28 Oct

I’ve reverted back to cubicle 2nd from the left. All has been forgiven, we are back to being BMFL. Of course, the return to a blossoming relationship is always great, and brings  a smile to my face, but sadly, this rekindled friendship has come with a cost. Anxiety.

That’s right, the dredded, stressful walk to the toilets has returned. When I was rebounding with cubicle far right, it didn’t stress me out. I’d just dillydally my way to the toielts, footloose and carefree. I wouldn’t even be thinking about whether or not some other chick is in my cubicle. Who cares!! Let love be and all that. But now that I’ve gone back to my old hang out, wooft! Stress-a-rama.

What is it about cubicle 2nd from the left that does this to me? Perhaps it is decorated with some sort of drug? I actually don’t know what it is. But I swear, even the thought of someone preventing me from using my cubicle almost enduces a panic attack. What is wrong with me?! I don’t think I’ve ever felt this level of anxiety and possessiveness over an inanimate object before (asides from previous boyfriends- lolz). What is it about that cubicle that draws me in so much? I really don’t know.

This cubicle is destroying my soul.


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