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All good in da hood

30 Oct

So met Mr Brewhaha last night, finally, and aye! It went well. High five! I think I’ll see hi magain, but you know, it’s me- one date Judy, so we’ll see.

But who cares! All that matters is that the first one went well. Whoop!

P.S- I know, this is a pretty shite post. But I’m shattered, and am not functioning properly. I apologise galz and ladz


The moment of truth!

29 Oct

Well, the day has finally arrived. Tonight I am meeting Mr Brewhaha for a wee bev. I am both excited and terrified.

How will it go?! What if we don’t have anything to talk about?! What to wear?!!?! Oh dear.

So yeah! Got a date! Who knows how it will go, if it’ll blossom into a new romance, or if it’ll end in tears. I don’t have a fucking clue. Knowing my luck, something’ll come up and it’ll be cancelled anyway, so maybe don’t stress out too much. Ha, easier said than done!! I’m going to the pub with my pals before meeting him, so maybe a large glass of gin’ll calm my nerves. Although, I am working afterwards, so maybe not. Urgh, who knows!

What the heck am I going to wear!!!!

Break Stuff

29 Oct

This song perfectly describes my mood today.

  • Virgin Media are trying to charge me and Shetterz ¬£80 for one month’s internet. Jog on.
  • I’ve had 3 hours sleep after working 16 hours yesterday
  • I have a MASSIVE ladder in my tights
  • I have egg on my jumper from eating my morning roll on the way to work
  • There are too many terrible, terrible people in my life
  • I want to cry

As Freddy says, if my day keeps going this way I just might break something tonight.

Oh toilets!

28 Oct

I’ve reverted back to cubicle 2nd from the left. All has been forgiven, we are back to being BMFL. Of course, the return to a blossoming relationship is always great, and brings¬† a smile to my face, but sadly, this rekindled friendship has come with a cost. Anxiety.

That’s right, the dredded, stressful walk to the toilets has returned. When I was rebounding with cubicle far right, it didn’t stress me out. I’d just dillydally my way to the toielts, footloose and carefree. I wouldn’t even be thinking about whether or not some other chick is in my cubicle. Who cares!! Let love be and all that. But now that I’ve gone back to my old hang out, wooft! Stress-a-rama.

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Terrible, terrible human being

28 Oct

I am a terrible human being.

Walking along the corridor back to office after visiting my beautiful cubicle. Walked past the disabled toilet. There was a sign saying “Out of Order” on it. I immediately had the urge to write “like their legs” underneath it. What an awful, awful person I am.

Yeah, I’ll see you in hell.

“Judy Frary cunt faced bitch”

27 Oct

As you can see from the above picture, two people have used the search term “judy frary cunt faced bitch” to find my blog. Cheers!

Who the fuck googled that?! If anything, I’m a bum faced bitch. Get your anatomy right, you twat.

I’m actually raging!! And “who’s next”?! What the fuck is that all about?! You’re next pal, you’re next. Next on Judy’s Stab List. Aye, fuck off.

Cunt faced bitch… fuck you!!!!

Back to life, back to reality

27 Oct

Eerste Hulp! So aye, back from Amsterdam. It was a riot. I’m not too sure about how much stays in Amsterdam, so I’ll just say that we fully embraced the culture. Even saw a real life windmill. I walked past a prostitute singing Vanilla Ice- that was actually the highlight of my life. I had an amazing time, so thanks ladz!

4 days away is exactly what I needed. 4 days not worrying about day job, or bar job. Bliss!! But now I’m back. It’s Wednesday, and I still have 56 hours to work. Eerste hulp ladz, eerste hulp.