Maybe it’s not all bad…

1 Sep

Ok, so English might have ditched me out of the blue (seriously, it was going well, then BAM! gone!), and TrainCharmer turned out to be TrainCreeper, but maybe there is hope after all.

Why, last night my phone went off at 3.20am, with a text asking if I was out, i.e. A Booty Call. From who?! From hunky Marketer. Now normally it’s me sending him all these drunk texts, so I was quite suprised! And happy. Sadly, it wasn’t gonna happen. I had work today, and was exhausted. Sorry Marketer, another time!

I’ve also been getting rather flirty with someone else on the course via text messages. He’s hunky too. Very hunky. Who knows what might happen at the next TM reunion.

So maybe there’s still a glimmer of hope in Judy’s Quest For A Man. Fingers crossed ladz, fingers crossed.


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