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Happy Birthday Rugby!

30 Sep

Happy Birthday Rugby
Especially to your hunk arms
Hope you got lots of presents,
Money, jewels and charms.

Today you’ve turned 22:
A proper adult,
A proper man.
Let’s go binge drinking to celebrate
Couple sambucas, tequilas and pints
Sounds like a plan!

Happy Birthday babe,
You big massive hunk
Hope the day is amazing
And you get a girl to touch your junk



Stupid Social Media!!

30 Sep

Stupid social media! Just do what I want you to do!! Why is it so hard t ohave my blog psots automatically sent to Facebook?! WHY!

This stress has caused me to have a Mars Bar.  My fourth Mars Bar of the day. Fourth. What the actual fuck. I well need to hit the gym soon! Stupid social media!!!!

What a fucking nightmare!

30 Sep

For the past hour I’ve been trying to figure out how to connect my blog posts to a Facebook account so my pals can automatically see when something is updated. It;’s fucking nightmare!

So i’ve had to link this to twitter, then twitter to facebook. URGH SOCIAL MEDIA!! Hopefully this will now be fixed!!


Grey hair

30 Sep

Today, I pulled out 4 grey hairs from my head. 4 singular, silver, shiny strands of curly hair from my head. I am actually about to cry.

I’ve been trying so hard to recapture my youth- kissing young boys, working behind a bar, mid week drinking sessions, going to TFI at the Union, listening to songs from my teens, using MySpace. For what?! Absolutely nothing! It appears no matter what you do, you cannot escape this thing called aging.

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Stupid Dells!

29 Sep

Trying to burn a playlsit for Shetterz. She hands me a tub of blank cds.

Open iTunes. “Burn Playlist to Disc”

ERROR ERROR!! Please insert a blank disc!
I try again with a different disc from the pack.

ERROR ERORR! Please insert a blank disc!

Shetterz tries it on her laptop. Works JUST fine. Just my stupid Dell.

Stupid Dell!!!

I feel sick

29 Sep

I might vom. No more Mars bars for me today.

Well…maybe in an hour

Sums it up

29 Sep