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27 Aug

Man alive. I want a BlackBerry SO badly!! My phone doesn’t even have a fucking camera!

Imagine, I could update my blog EVERY MINUTE!! No matter where I am! God, that would be amazing. How cool would I look?!

Right, screw you shitey Nokia, you’re getting ditched!!


To Clarify

27 Aug

I realise this blog makes me sound like a big man eating slag. Well I’m not. I just don’t want to get too attached to someone at the moment.

I know what I’m like. I kiss a boy, and then BOOM! I love him. Ask my pals, they’ll tell you. I fall easily for guys.  I mean, I did geuniely love Orkney, and geuniely loved Rower, so don’t want to take away from that. But yeah, I tend to fall for people very quickly.

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27 Aug

Time for some long overdue negativity. You know what really pisses me off? When you go to the toilet at work, and someone is in your cubical. That is MY cubical (2nd in from the left). I always use that cubical, always. I do not like to use another cubical. It is not the same. How am I expected to adjust to the new lighting, the new toielt seat, the new toilet roll?! I can’t.  I simply can’t! Continue reading


27 Aug

Just looked in the mirror. Look a DISASTER! TrainCharmer must be desperate.

Morning Commute Man

27 Aug

I missed my train today. I arrived at the station 8.49am. The train is at 8.48am. NIGHTMARE!!
So I get the 9.18am train instead. Just having a nice commute, going past Croy, and enjoying reading “Getting Rid of Matthew”, when all of a sudden, a nice young man hits on me!

This has never happened to me before! I really, really dislike talking to strangers, but I thought, fuck it- why not. So just having a wee chat, making hunnerz of small talk (still have 10 mins till Larbert). I’m just about to politely go back to reading my book, when he asks how old I am.

I tell him, 22. He looks shocked. He thought I was 19.


He is now my new favourite man in the world. I will call him TrainCharmer.

I love Arms

26 Aug


Arms are by far the most attractive feature on a man. He could have a horrendous face, a beer belly, and be 5″2. If his arms are ripped, I will find him irrisistable

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Men I love

26 Aug

All of them