30 Aug

TrainCharmer is by far my LEAST favourite man in the world. He is being renamed TrainCreeper.

I thought, why not.  I’ll give him my number, he could turn out to be a fantastic guy. Boy, was I wrong!!!

We were texting for a bit on Friday, just casual stuff- what you upto etc. He’s all, “oh I can’t believe I spoke to you today, you must’ve thought I was a right weirdo!”

“Oh no, just don’t really get chatted up much!! You chat up a lot of girls?!”

“I used to, but I’ve got a girlfriend of 4 years. I think I want to break up with her though. What should I do?”

“Em……..tell her?”

So after giving me his traumatic life story, I just stop texting him. He texts me again on Saturday- THREE times in a row. I didn’t reply to any of his texts.

He text me on Sunday (despite me not replying to anything on Saturday), and because I was lonely in London, I thought, ok I’ll text him back. His response:

“I was wondering if you wanted to go for a drink sometime?”

“Oh you must’ve thought I was a right weirdo!”

“How’s the bus journey?”

“What you upto? ”

“You still on the bus?”

“Hey, how’s it going?”

Please note that I did not reply to any of these texts.


I think its time I got a new number.


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